11 February 2010

m21 is *hongray* (LA street food fest)

first, m21 wants to thank everyone for all the well wishes! it is heartwarming to know that so many people whom we've only met in cyber-space, were concerned about health and well-being of lil ol' m21! and the prognosis is: we'll live! yay! we are re-embracing life as we speak: flowers smell sweeter, the sun feels like a kiss on our skin, and every stranger on the street is a long lost friend! ;-)

second, m21 is of the opinion flu shots don't work. we got both the regular and the H1N1 this year, and we got the ick anyway. though i guess, it could have been much worse without- we got sick last wednesday night (sore throat, fever, aches, tummy upset) and a week later, we feel like we'll survive, so perhaps the shots lessened the length and severity of the ick- who really knows? on second thought, m21 says don't listen to him about health advice- he's a decorator, not a doctor, dammit!

third, after subsisting on soup for a week, m21 is hongray for some real food! so that why this saturday, he is thinking of checking out the LA street food fest and completely gorging himself on the vast array of treats that the gourmet food trucks of los angeles have to offer. it is all sounding so tasty delish right now: the buttermilk truck, the grilled cheese truck, mama koh’s korean chicken wings, the sweets truck, frysmith, and more... our one complaint would be that the truck that started the craze about two years ago, the kogi korean taco truck, isn't going to be there, but that's cool- we've already gorged ourselves sick on their fare, it's time for some new taste treats! (and m21 guesses he shouldn't say kogi started it all, since LA has such a longstanding tradition of really amazing taco trucks: m21 has many fond, yet slightly blurry, youthful memories of eating the most delicious meals ever, while standing on some street corner with a crowd of other drunken fools at 2:30 in the morning!)
so are you hongray too? will we see you at the LA street food fest? m21 is aiming to arrive at noon, which means we'll for sure be there by 2! nom, nom!


Tracy @ Comfort and Luxury said...

Yum. How fun!
I remember very fondly the taco trucks of my youth. Dos asada con cebolla por favor!

tula said...

i'm so glad you're feeling better, darling! i'm going to the food fest. it would be fabulous to see you there!