14 May 2010

do as i say, not as i do (sofa fabric advice- to ignore, in this case)

so, if m21 had a client with a cat who thinks nothing of jumping on the sofa after investigating the inside of the fireplace, and a dog, who in her golden years has developed a slight leak (we know- TMI), and they requested a light or white sofa, we'd probably do as we've done in the past and recommend covering the sofa in an indestructible outdoor fabric, or even a vinyl; we might even recommend a very tailored slipcover in the outdoor fabric (nothing shabby or slouchy, thank you- ick). we'd also recommend to make two sets of cushion covers, so when one set gets filthy and needs to be washed, the other can be put on the sofa.

and if our client wanted a brightly-colored pattern on their sofa, we would probably try to steer them to a solid (though we don't have a problem with the brightly colored part!). we usually recommend avoiding patterns for a sofa- solids have more longevity and patterns can be a bit visually overwhelming on such a large piece; much more practical to bring in brightly colored and patterned pillows as accents as they are so easy to switch out and update.

last, if our client was a gentleman of a certain age, we might try to steer him in a suitably masculine direction- maybe a fairly pet-friendly gray flannel, or chic salt and pepper tweedy number (probably not leather, though- too cliché bachelor pad). we'd also try to push texture, and avoid shiny fabrics at all costs (often, shiny = cheap, when talkin' about fabrics- you know we have no problem with shiny in most other areas!)

but you know what they say, the heart wants what it wants, so m21 is ignoring his decorator's advice and making hisself up a bright n'colorful, totally gurly-gurl sofa & pillows- all in a completely pet inappropriate fabrics! so there.

m21's "much too much muchness"- the yellow stripe chintz & blue and white damask we've already purchased, the orange pillow was added through the magic of photoshop, and is under serious consideration.

we fell in love with the above vintage cotton lee jofa white, yellow and marigold stripe when we saw it on ebay, and much as we tried resist (in favor of a sunbrella solid) we kept returning to look at our stripe. once we discovered via swatch that it was a completely out of fashion glazed cotton chintz, well, we were totally hooked- always the contrarian, we find ourselves attracted over and over again to the very things that others avoid. when the fabric went on sale for $3.50 a yard (that's right- 3 dollah fiddy cent), what could we do but buy it? taking our own advice for once though, we bought all the seller's stock- about 8 more yards then needed, so we can have extra cushion covers made up for the inevitable accident.

we're adding two big 22" x 22" pillows in the vase print damask from calico corners we showed you a while back, and since they are a bit too blue and not enough white for our vintage sofa fabric, we plan to layer in some 18" x 18" pillows in front. what those pillows would be, we didn't know- until serendipity brought us an email today from katherine rally, about their chic-ly colorful batik print fabrics, pillows, and table accessories. their "field day" print in tangerine might be just the thing the decorator ordered!

there you have it: sheen-y, totally emasculating, pattern-on-pattern, riotous colors- breakin' all our rules! can't wait to share the real life results- it'll be kinda like domino threw up in our living room! (first though, we need to send that chintz out for some serious scotch-guarding!)


jones said...

Mona and Richard are going to love the new sofa! And I think that Jones would look stunning on the yellow (gray and yellow are so "in" right now) Have a wonderful week-end. I think that the sofa is going to be great. Mary

Tracy said...

Loving the combination!! And who cares if it isn't the most practical thing? Enjoy it while it lasts!

Sketch42 said...

My gray velvet sofa has milk stains from cookies bottle and shows every piece of lint. Needs to be vacuumed 2x a day.

No matter what you do you are screwed if you live with children or animals!

Karena said...

I love it, great colors, and fabrics. I say enjoy regardless.

Great giveaway up on my site by Beth Cosner Design. Come visit!!


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