24 May 2010

thank you (and life goes on...)

i want to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments, emails, tweets, and calls; at the risk of TMI, my loss is proving to be harder to cope with than i thought, so every lovely comment recounting how a dog they've never met made them smile, or an email from someone sharing their own strength and sympathy, has made all the difference. the kindness of people whom i've never met, or ever will meet, as well as the support offered by my family and in-the-flesh friends, has been completely amazing and has moved me deeply (a few of my oldest and dearest friends sent the chic bouquet above, along with a note expressing how much they loved and will miss my little girl). one reader even made a donation to a rescue group in mona's memory- one of those random acts of kindness i thought only existed on bumper stickers, and a gesture i found to be especially touching.

but life goes on... and i refuse to let this turn into an icky pet memorial blog, as that would give me (and you) an even bigger case of the sads. actually, i hope the next pet-related post i make will have a bit of happier news, as i've already been stalking petfinder and making the rounds of local shelters (yes, i know i can't replace her- she was one of a kind- but i'm gonna adopt again anyway, so why not give a stray a good home sooner, rather than later?). i've seen lots of little sweethearts in need of permanent homes, but haven't quite found the right fit as yet (or as was the case this weekend, the doggie i've gone to see was adopted before i even got to meet him). the situation is complicated by the fact i'm not just finding a companion for me, but for richard too, so his safety needs to be considered- he may be big, but he's a bit of a pussy (sorry)- otherwise i probably would have brought home the first stray pitbull/shepherd mix who wagged his tail at me (like the one today who brought over his stuffed toy and pressed it to the bars of his cage. so sweet). much as i don't look forward to dookie cleanup (gag) and other horrors of housebreaking, i'm thinking a puppy under a year old might be best solution, one who won't grow too much bigger than richard and someone he won't perceive as a threat. i'll admit, i'm thinking of a puppy for totally selfish reasons too- i don't want to- no, make that i can't- go through this loss again anytime soon, so i want to maximize my companionship years (boy, do i have a new found admiration for those who adopt older dogs- they are stronger, better, people than me! i sure hope medical science is working on a way to extend our little friends' lives- i think they may deserve it more then humans do, anyway).

two of the little ones who got away...

hopefully my next post will be decorating happytalk, soon followed by "introducing xxxxxx". in the meantime, thank you again for all the love. you've made a devastating situation a little less painful.