26 January 2008

guest blogger gots game

so my daddy let me guest blog for him last week, and i guess i was really popular, because one of the comments i got was this one from all things bright and beautiful:

Mona - You've been tagged on my post yesterday - (By DY - who's also in the doghouse!)

Hope you'll come out and play :-)

You just have to tell us 7 things about you that you think we would like to know (that you haven't already told us about yourself)

Then you have to tag 7 more bloggers

now my daddy says he probably would never play such a game- he says it sounds too much like a chain letter (whatever that is), but they asked me, not him, and i think tag sounds like it involves chasing things, and i like to chase stuff, so i want to play!

so here's my 7 things:
  1. the only food in the world i don't really like is lettuce- why eat that, when the grass in the yard has more flavor? unless of course it has dressing on it, then it's salad and it's yummy!
  2. i'm basically sweet and nice and get along with everybody- except for stanley the big, dumb standard poodle from down the block. for some reason i just can't help myself when he's around and love to bully him. maybe it's because he's so dumb he doesn't even realize i'm the boss! i think maybe i'll marry him someday and boss him around forever.
  3. my first language isn't english, it's corgilese. it's a complex welsh dialect consisting of lots of "rooooorooooooooos" and "wooowooooos" and "boooofs" (spoken under the breath). lots of body language is involved too (like italian), including spinning in circles and stamping my feet. i tend to lapse into corgilese when i get excited, like right before dinner or when a toy is involved.
  4. i fart in my sleep. a lot.
  5. puppies scare me. they are unpredictable and they move too fast. same for babies and toddlers, so i keep my distance ('cept for when they are eating- they have deliciously poor hand-eye coordination, so if there is food involved, i stick to them like glue).
  6. i love a car ride. i'll get into any car, anywhere, anytime. let's go!
  7. my dad says my brother, richard the cat, is not allowed to have nice toys because of me. i say whats the fun of a toy if you can't shred it into tiny pieces in the first 30 seconds? i like to pull out the squeaker first, then spend 10 minutes pulling out all the stuffing, making a big mess in the process. when i go visit my doggy friends at their houses, my dad has to keep an eye on me to make sure i don't destroy their favorite squeaky toys, too. 'cause i will, if i get the chance!
'kay, that's my 7 things, so now i have to pick some other blogger's doggies and kitties (and my dad says sorry, and he understands if their humans decline to participate). i pick:

bonnie, my fellow corgi from more ways to waste time

costa and rica, studio annetta's felines

connor from pig*town design

newly discovered blog, design snitch and trinity

and doggie who's name i don't know at pve design

i don't think that's 7, but i'm just a dog and don't know how to count to seven anyway. besides, i don't know any other blogger doggies and kitties! but if you are out there and would like to participate, please do!


ps- i'm still waiting for treats!


pve design said...

Sir Bentley is my name-
1. I love to go outside and roll in stinky stuff, come home be bathed and rubbed dry.
2. I have a tiny tail but still can give it an excellent wag.
3. Love people food!
4. Love a good fire!
5. Follow my blog master everywhere
6. love a really good rug!
7. I do doggie Yoga daily!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Oh Maison - You make me laugh - ! MONA ! i love the picture that your dad made for around your neck especially for the post!! (oh the things that our papa's make us do for his friends! I love it!)

DY said...

I reckon this is a much better idea than sniffing fire hydrants.

Trust that you will remind your Dad to get you a fluffy soft toy to shred when you next take him out for a walk.

Pigtown-Design said...

Connor checking in here... My mum's amazed that you speak Welsh. She couldn't pick up the language when she lived there and her "step" children had to help her with signs. Here are my seven things:
1. My nickname is Houdini because I can get out of everything. I even jumped out one of Mum's windows when we had a storm and she wasn't there to comfort me.
2. I am a shelter dog. My mum saw me on the internet and came to the city's shelter to pick me out. I returned the favour by jumping out of her car.
3. I love to lie on my back with my feet against the wall. I think that mum will scratch my tummy if I do.
4. My besties are a border collie lab mix called Buckley, and a black lab called Apollo. I am the blond in the gang.
5. When I sleep with my mum, i have to touch her... even if it's just my paw on her leg or arm. It makes her feel better.
6. My name used to be Gunner, but we live in an "emerging" neighbourhood, so mum didn't think it was good to call me Gunner... now it's Connor. I think that she wanted to call me Gutter, but thought better of it.
7. I ate my mum's marshmallow Peeps at Easter. She was not happy about that, but now I know I like sweets!

Thanks for including me... Woooof, Woof, ruff.

maison21 said...

hi sir bentley-

glad to know your name! (and a very proper name it is, too).

i don't have much of a tail either! my dad calls it my "nubble" a combination of "nubbin" and "wiggle", 'cause it's always moving. when i'm laying down and relaxing, my dad likes to say my name just to see it wiggle a little.

i sleep with him too- my butt has to touch him or i can't fall asleep.

thanks for playing!


Leah said...

Dear Mona,

My mom says I can play tag with you, but that I can't bore her non-canine-loving readers -- so I have to post my list here, and not on her stupid blog's "front page."

OK, here goes:

1. I LOVE to eat. I will eat *anything* -- and I do mean anything. (Like you, though, I'm not crazy about lettuce.)

2. I have been told (by a human who raises stuck-up "show corgis") that I am overweight. I think she was just jealous of my womanly figure -- *her* stupid dogs looked emaciated to me.

3. It is impossible for me to lose weight. After the show-dog lady said the mean thing, my mom increased my walks and put me on this awful diet food. To get her back, I *gained* 2 pounds.

4. I love cat poop. When my mom isn't looking, I sneak it out of the litter box and chomp it right up. I call it "kitty snacks." But it's a secret -- just between you and me, OK Mona?

5. I have two human siblings. I was supposed to belong to the boy human, but somehow I sort of became his mom's. I also have a little sister, a gray kitten named Charcoal. I love to chase Charcoal around and around the house for hours. Sometimes, she even plays along! I also have a big brother, a fat old black cat named Louie, who never, ever plays with me. I hate him.

6. I once went to a "corgi faire" -- and let me tell you, 100+ corgis in one place is a sight to see. There were even some with big, bushy tails, like foxes! But the whole thing kind of weirded me out -- I don't know, I guess I felt threatened by all those haughty show bitches or something. I was a very bad girl, barking and growing at those stuck-up corgis, and my humans had to leave.

7. When our doorbell rings, I bark ferociously and sound really scary (since I don't have any sheep or cows to herd, I've decided that I will be a guard dog instead). But when my humans open the door, I roll on my back and whine for the visitor to rub my belly. It doesn't matter if it's the mail carrier or a friend or someone trying to sell encyclopedias -- they are not allowed to leave until they rub my belly. My mom says that I would be good at scaring away would-be intruders, but that if they ever actually got *into* the house, I'd just roll over and wait for them to rub my belly. I don't get what the problem is with that.

Bonus: I might have mentioned this already, but cat poop: Yum!

I'm not going to tag anyone, because none of my four-legged friends even *have* blogs, but you can see some random facts about my mom here:



maison21 said...

hi felicity-

thanks for mentioning my on your blog for this game- now i'm famous everywhere!

glad you like my photo- it's actually an old photo, that my dad changes the words on to suit the occasion- he's much too lazy to make a new sign every time. but i'd do it! because i love to have my picture taken! when my dad takes pictures of stuff to put on ebay, what you don't see is me sitting on the floor smiling, thinking i'm in the picture too.

thanks for letting me play!

maison21 said...

hi DY-

i hope you are out of the doghouse!

my dad gave me a treat today, and said it was from you, so thank you!

and he probably has a fluffy toy hidden away somewhere that he'll give me. when he does, i'll send you a picture of the mess i make!

thanks for asking felicity to include me in her game- i had fun!



maison21 said...

hi connor-

thanks for playing- even if you mom was reluctant, i'm glad you persuaded her. my dad didn't want me to play either, but of course, i talked him into it. silly humans- they are putty in our paws!

and my comment that my butt has to touch my dad or i can't fall asleep was meant for you, not sir bentley. this typing thing is hard sometimes...

thanks again for visiting-


maison21 said...


i think we really might have been separated at birth (my dad never met my birth family) because we are very much alike! your mom must be a more dedicated blogger than my dad, as he is more than happy to put me on the front page of his blog, 'cause then he can be lazy and not have to come up with anything design related.

i couldn't lose weight either, 'til my doctor put me on "beneful" healthy weight formula (2/3 cup 2x a day, mixed with water first so it expands). my dad was reluctant 'cause he was feeding me a super-expensive organic food but he listened to my doctor and the weight came off like magic. now i can have all the treats i want, too!

i like to bark like crazy at the door too, but like you, once a visitor crosses the threshold, i just rollover and beg for rubs. once we had a real burglar, and i didn't make a sound until he dropped a tv and woke my dad up- THEN i started barking and scared him away (true story). the mailman, however, i think i would bite if he came inside- he just gets me TOO worked up.

and true confession time- on occasion, i too, have been unable to resist a "kitty snack". my dad knows when i've indulged because i won't come downstairs to greet him when he comes home- normally i'm at the front door turning in circles and roooing up a storm- but when i've had a "kitty snack", i know i did a bad thing, so i stay upstairs and am real, real quiet. my dad just thanks god it only happens very rarely, or he would be too grossed out for words. even *i* know it's disgusting, but sometimes i just can't help myself...

thanks for playing bonnie!

raaahrooooorahooooooooo backatcha!

Suzy said...

Hi Mona,

We normally don't have the time or the inclination to do much more than sleep, eat, hassle the humans for pats, sleep and sleep some more, we thought we should oblige....considering you're a dog and bigger than us...

So here goes:

1) While our favorite food is premium tinned fine cut tuna and tuna with crab meat - on alternating days, thank you- we're both a on a diet. "I'm a stray, and the eldest sibling, so I still have abandonment issues which has given me an eating disorder. Binge and purge!" - Rica. "I need to stay super thin so the boy next door will take notice of me, so I don't really eat much these days" -Costa.

2) "We both still don't like strangers much, although Costa is pretty good, she'll go say hello to most humans, but I'd much rather hide under the bed when somone comes over for a visit" - Rica.

3) The humans have nicknamed us "Accost her" and "Freaka" . Because one of us is a delight to live with, the other is just a freak.

4) "Rica is a bit of a bully, and likes to boss me around. As soon as she sees that I'm comfortable on my favorite cushion, she'll come over and sit on my face, start a fight, or push me off. Unless its really cold (like now) in which case she tries to cuddle up to me and bury her face in my tummy" - Costa.

5) We are both really good at, and immensly enjoy, killing cockroaches and lizards. The humans seem to be happy about the first part, not so happy about the second part. Especially when we deposit either of them into the humans handbags or shoes. Neither of us is too excited about chasing mice though, which the humans are also not too happy about.

6) We both enjoy scratching furniture. The humans don't seem to pleased about this either. In fact, it usually solicits loud noises from both of them if we do it when they're home.

7) "I enjoy sitting on the toilet seat and wailing at the window at night, sitting on the bedside tables and crying at night, and sitting on the humans lap on Sunday afternoons" - Rica. "I enjoy curling up on my own somewhere Rica can't find me, trying to get into the wardrobe to cover everything with my fur, and getting pats from the humans while they are trying to eat breakfast" - Costa.

Miao Miao
from Costa & Rica

maison21 said...

hi costa and rica-

my dad was reading this while enjoying his morning coffee, when he go to:

"The humans have nicknamed us "Accost her" and "Freaka" . Because one of us is a delight to live with, the other is just a freak."

he laughed so hard, he spit out his coffee all over the floor! that was cool! AND i got to lick it up while he ran for paper towels! thanks- i know i like coffee now!

my little brother, richard the cat, is also skilled at killing the occasional waterbug that makes it inside (read slow moving, mutant cockroach)- we find just pieces of them left on the floor after his nightly raids. once he caught the biggest, blackest, scariest wasp i've ever seen and was toying with it as it died in our empty bathtub. my dad found the situation and screamed like a girl! that was fun too!

thanks for playing!



All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Maison - I was just over at Habitually chic and I heard that Mona wants to be immortalised on a "homemade" plate like Picasso's pooch Lump??!!

DY just hopes that its not a dinner plate there could easily be a mistake if Mona was wearing and in that hotdog outfit you've got her in in one of your earlier posts!!

design snitch said...

I am Tambra's Russian Blue kitty and I have now taken on the position as co-blogger! (Air kisses to Mona!) I share the house with three other illustrious kitties, one comical English Bulldog, and a spirited Pomeranian. I enjoy long walks on the countertops at sunset and a fine glass of milk before bedtime.

Below you will find my closely-guarded, innermost thoughts:

- Eat, play, sleep. Eat, play, sleep. This is not a hard concept. I always wonder what this “work” thing is that my Momma keeps putting in the middle…?

- I really do love the dogs. Everyone should have such a good staff.

- My Momma vs. Whisker Lickins Crunchy Tuna Treats… don’t ever make me choose.

- I see all those birds outside. That feather dangling on a stick isn’t cutting it.

- Tomorrow I’m going to eat some more of that plastic plant and throw it up again.

- I understand every single word you’re saying- I just like to take my time in deciding if I care.

- I always wonder: When do these people bathe? I have never seen them licking themselves- not once.

Thanks for sliding me into my new blogging career, Mona! Since I'm such a newbie, it's gonna take some time for me to find seven other blogging pets to tag, but I'll get right on it! :)

SGM said...

Your typing skills are amazing, and you're so CUTE. Have you ever considered becoming an administrative assistant? You could earn money to buy Richard some of those fancy toys....
Tell your dad that I will buy him many drinks if we ever meet.
Licks, sgm

maison21 said...

thanks for responding, tambra's russian blue (that sounds fancy- are you a pedigree show kitty?)

your house has lots of doggies and kitties-sounds like lots of fun!

and a big thank you to everyone responding and playing along! now maybe my daddy will get of his butt and write about something design-y!


maison21 said...


thanks for visiting, and thinking i'm cute (in all modesty, i am).

my daddy has tried to make money off me in a variety of ways, including once at a yard sale putting up a sign for "doggy kisses, $1.00". he didn't make any money because i kept giving it away for free.

what can i say, i'm easy!



katiedid said...

I am commenting because my Mom thinks your'e cute, but not as cute as I am.

1)I like tag too, unless some idiot dog at the dog park tries to steal my ball, and then it's war.

2)I love it when Mom comes home, cuz then I know it's time for dinner. She doesn't even mind when I jump all over her to let her know I can't wait another minute.

3) I can do lots of tricks, cuz they are all food related: turn in a circle, I get a treat. Climb a ladder, I get a treat. Jump hurdles, treat. You get the picture.

4) I ate a box of chocolates at Christmas. Tis the season right? Spent the next day and a half at the vet (horros!) getting my stomach cleaned out. I don't recommend it.

5)I shed year round. Long black hair that sort of swirls around the floor. All over.I like it, but I think my Mom doesn't. Why, I don't know.
6) I love squirrels. Love, Love Love. Bark. Bark, Bark!
7) I am a black tri-color Australian Shepherd, whatever that is. I just like to cuddle and have my picture took.

Happy tails!

maison21 said...

hey cooper-

you sound real cute and smart too! climb a ladder! that's some trick- i'm a sit 'n speak kind of girl. i could probably learn more, but my dad's too lazy to work with me. and why bother really? i get the treats anyway...

i don't know though- a WHOLE box of chocolates- might have been worth the hospital stay in the long run- that's the stuff that happy memories are made of...

thanks for visiting!



Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Katie (katiedid) just emailed me to come check your blog out, we seem to have a similar phenomenon going on at my blog.

A couple of my readers are have discovered their dogs reading my blog (I posted a photo of my dog a few days ago). They have sent me pictures of their dogs blogging and I have posted them. I think they are hilarious but I was a bit worried about what other design bloggers would think about my Dog Blog posts. Guess I am not the only crazy one! This guest post was hilarious. And all my friends are hanging out here! I had no idea. Glad to have been directed to visit here.

You are invited to check out the Dogs Who Blog post on my blog if you want a little laugh. It is ridiculous.


maison21 said...

thanks for stopping by melissa! just went to your blog and those pictures are too darn cute!

hi to winston and hamish!