23 February 2009

los angeles shopping: environment furniture

while driving down beverly blvd., maison21 has been intrigued by a newly opened store with a huge video installation of a waving field of grass. the store is environment furniture, specializing in eco-friendly chic, and the stunningly gorgeous video installation is "at any given moment, grass" by rebeca mendez. so beautiful.
environment furniture specializes in furniture using "reclaimed, recycled or repurposed wood and canvas, providing true diversity in both appearance and texture." we really liked the raw finish used on many of the wood pieces- very industrial chic.
we thought this sofa made of recycled denim was pretty cool:
the over-dyed canvas used on this low loungy sofa was also interesting and unusual. environment certainly has a definite, defined aesthetic, and a unique, cohesive point of view. we like that- kind of like garanimals, you know all the pieces will work well together...
we'd been intrigued by the video wall when driving by, but what finally got us to park the car and head inside were the giant anglepoise lamps scattered throughout the showroom. we are a bit obsessed with them (we posted about similar here).
we were very happy we went inside too, as we found a stool we'd like to use in the dining area of a loft project we're working on- we're going for an eclectic, industrial chic vibe, and environment's 360˚ stools fit the bill perfectly. kismet. even if your taste runs more to the traditional, and environment's lounge-y, loft-y vibe ain't your cup of tea, maison21 recommends a visit to the showroom just to see the video installation- it is amazing...

Environment Furniture, Inc.

8126 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
t 323-782-0296 f 323-782-0989
Mon-Sat 10-7 Sun 11-6


Leslie Rowlands said...

Like this post, the recycled denim sofa, the reclaimed bed with the back in slats....I have been looking for a funky bed for my son's room, this may be the prototype!
lamaisonfou blog

Things That Inspire said...

That screen with the waving grass would have caused me to stop, although the furniture inside is not quite my style. I always love a virtual shopping trip, though!

katiedid said...

I love environments! I wish there was a showroom up my way. LOVE the grass! Hmmm....maybe I can steal for a restaurant design.