21 June 2010

go ahead, make my day! (compliments always do)

m21 may not be able to cap an oil well, cure cancer or bring peace to the middle east, but it's nice to know that his chosen profession, superficial as it is, can make a small difference in people's lives.

i received the nicest, unsolicited email yesterday morning, which put me in the great mood for the day:

"I just wanted to say that I love my house.

I was thinking that this morning as I puttering around.

Thank you for making this place a home."

how nice is that? from the owner of the melrose hill bungalow, the photo of which (below) you've seen hanging out in my sidebar for the last year, with the promise of "more pictures to come" (it's on the "to do" list, swear). the sentiments are especially sweet considering the homeowner had never worked with a designer before, had a very modest budget, and quite frankly, early in the project was a bit skeptical of the whole process (there is a period after decisions are made, and orders placed, where nothing seems to happen- it's always a leap of faith before the pretty magic begins to unfold).

it's not saving the world, but making one person happy in their home ain't so bad, either... (make that making two people happy- it makes me happy when my clients are so pleased with the results of our collaboration that months and months later they tell me so, completely out of the blue. thanks, m., you made my day!)


Raina Cox said...

That turquoise pillow makes my heart sing, and the rest of the room is perfection!

Karena said...

Yes Christian you have made a home for your client and it is just perfect.

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Art by Karena

jones said...

Hi Christian--you definitely do make a difference!! Mary

Margaret said...

You're talented, and have chosen the right profession; you also reach into the client's heart and translate onto your magical decor.

franki durbin said...

Nice compliments such as that are the BEST! Totally unsolicited and completely genuine. I'm so happy they shared it with you. Wouldn't life be GREAT if more people would act on their thoughts and share goodies like that?

By the way - MISS YOU TO PIECES!!!