17 June 2010

a horse of a different stripe (thanks, shelterpop!)

m21 just wanted to thank writer amy preiser, for remembering his love of zebras and including him in a piece on the very same animal for AOL's shelterpop blog (reprinted on ebay's insidesource blog as well).

thanks, shelterpop! now go check the article out!


Raina Cox said...

That was a FANTASTIC article!

"[W]ho can resist a horse in fancy evening wear?" - brilliant.

Karena said...

I am off to take a look right now! Congratulations and great image!

Art by Karena

jones said...

Christian--this is great!! Congratulations. Frankly the idea of a small horse in evening wear sounds awesome, especially for a ride in Central Park. Have a great week-end. Mary