16 June 2010


this crazy pop modern meets beidermeier pedestal sofa popped up as an ad on our maison21 facebook page, and it was love at first sight. m21 lives for quirky pieces that combine the best of two opposite worlds, in this case, fine biedermeier antiques and 60's pop modern styling, and this unique sofa charmed the pants off him immediately (normally, that takes a cocktail or two ;-).

we know nothing of the austrian company who manufactures this lovely item, gaisbauer furniture (their larger oeuvre seems to be more traditional biedermeier repros), or if gaisbauer even has representation for those of us living in the united states, but we thought we'd share anyway.


ps- if you visit gaisbauer's facebook page, you'll note the sofa has a contrasting patterned fabric on the back. ick. we had to change that in photoshop asap, so we could fully express our love. apologies for taking liberties with your product, mr. or ms gaisbauer furniture person.


melissa said...

looks rather unstable. like if you leaned back heavily, dirty martini glass poised to your lips, you'd go arse over tit

I'm sure you wouldn't, but the possibility makes me nervous

jones said...

This sofa is amazing. I love the dining-table -base and the working of the wood. Jones would look so elegant with his head resting on one of the arms. Have a great day!! Mary

Tracy said...

That is a lovely piece. Drooling right along with you!!

Brillante Home Decor said...

Beautiful indeed,a piece that will stand out in any decor.