05 August 2010

lets pretend! (this isn't a totally recycled post!)

"omg, peg-a-licious," (my pet name for margaret), "congrats on the new gig!"

"thanks, m21!" (margaret's pet name for moi) "i'm super excited about the change, and have all sorts of great ideas for freshening up the old gal, but mostly i'm excited because AD has long been the banner title of the interior design industry, but sometimes the content hasn't always lived up to its reputation. that will change, now that i'm in charge- i'm going to drag AD into the 21st century if it kills me!"

"well, pegster," (my other nickname for margaret), "if anyone can do it, you can! let me know if i can help, k?"

"well, mon petit maison," (margaret's other, fancier, nickname pour moi), "now that you mention it, we'll be needing lots of fresh new looks for our cover, so save your next multi-million dollar project for AD, alright?"

"you got it, lady p!" (making a mental note to self: **must find multi-millionaire client asap!**)

congrats to margaret russell, and to architectural digest! maison21 thinks you'll make a great team, and in anticipation of good things to come, he is actually going to resubscribe as soon as he finishes typing this recycled fantasy of a post!


Suzy said...

yes, good news all round...can't wait!

Teresa Hatfield said...

I am really excited to see what will happen at AD now. Look forward to seeing that project on the cover!
ALSO, I want to sincerely thank you for adding my blog to your bloglist!
Teresa(Splendid Sass)

Squeak said...

That is fabulous news - she'll do a terrific job! And I'll start buying AD again.

columnist said...

Things can only get better.

Dagny @ Scandinavian Chic said...

Über exciting! Talk about changing things up!! :D

jones said...

This is great news!!!!!!Can't wait til "Peggy" starts to work her magic. Mary

Ivy Lane said...

I am so envious that you get to "rub elbows" with the likes of "Peggy" and "Kelly"...and....

I shall resume my order at AD!!

Happy Weekend M21~

Anonymous said...

ZOMG it is the day for imagined comvos, mon petit maison --