19 September 2010

high on hayon

spanish designer extraordinaire, jamie hayon, introduced a line of furniture for sé london this weekend, and m21 is crazy about the tables and the arpa lounge chair.

come to papa...
arpa lounge chair
time piece "a" table
time piece "b" table
tambor table

 seriously, if this man can make lladro cool, is there nothing he can't do?

parrot party vase for lladro


Teresa Hatfield said...

I love the chair. Not only is unique, it looks so comfortable.
Have a nice day.

Raina Cox said...

Get outta my head, Christian!

I saw that vase yesterday and about had a conniption fit.

I have Hayon's monograph (the one with the sexy blue cover) - an incredible read.

Bonus - he's very easy on the eyes.

Suzy said...

I got an invite to the launch night on Thursday, thankfully when I'm in London so I'm planning to go. I promise I'll take lots of photos for you if I can!!

jones said...

Hayon is amazing--many Spanish designers really "get it"--to be able to bring Lladro into the 20th c., let alone the 21st, shows his mettle. Please show more of Hayon's work. Mary

Debra Phillips said...

OMG! thank tambor table is irrestible, simple and smashing at the same time..........and those parakeets.....such eye candy for a monday morn.

Velvet and Linen said...

the arpa isn't the kind of chair that I'm usually drawn to, but it's way too cool not to love!


Apt. #34 said...

i love those side tables!