26 September 2010

ingo! ingo! ingo!

we love roy lichtenstien (all pop art, actually) and we love the lighting designs of ingo maurer, so how could we not love bangboom!, a limited edition issue of maurer's classic 'zettel z' chandelier...

more ingo:
the original 'zettle'z'


'bulb', early ingo circa 1967

'xxl dome'- $27,000 worth of fabulousity

to give you an idea of the size of 'xxl dome'- about 6 feet across!

don't know the name of this one, but we loves it.
'floatation'- classic 80's chic, still in production

'birds birds birds' -whimsical, yet not too twee

'porca miseria' broken china artfully transformed into a striking chandelier, it is our favorite of ingo's oeuvre, and of course, obscenely expensive.  when we rightfully come into our deserved bazillions, this $67,000 chandelier/work of art will hang in the m21 dream atelier...

next time you are in new york, be sure to stop by the ingo maurer store in soho- all of his greatest hits (still in production), gathered under one roof, it is a treat not to be missed!  and bring your checkbook so you can buy m21 a 'porca miseria' chandy for his birthday, k?


Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I cana't choose just one! Of course I love the chandeliers especially, but the paintings are thought provoking to say the least!
Thanks for sharing, and have a great Sunday.

Brillante Home Decor said...

I love what he does, I have posts on him, just entering his website makes me smile, with "luccellino" and the other projects. Have you read his Manifesto against the new source of lights? He is genius!

Debra Phillips said...

whimsy is right! thanks for the introduction, thoroughly enjoyed my moment of pretending which i would choose and which one i would gift you!

jones said...

Yes, the "porca miseria" is amazing. It would probably even work in a Louis XV room. Mary