02 September 2010

john baldessari: pure beauty @LACMA

maison21 may not understand all of baldessari's work, but he knows what he likes- and we like it, very much.

bonus- we discovered the museum is free to LA county residents after 5 on weekdays! great art for free? awesomeness.

pure beauty runs until september 12th, so time is running out.

m21 is glad he made it under the wire- the museum is only blocks from the atelier, yet it took us two months to get to the exhibit. great things are happening at LACMA, so we need to make it a priority to get there more often!

the message of this piece, maison21 understands (he thinks it applies to decorating as well). he had never before seen the video from which the above famous still was taken, though, so it was nice to see it as originally conceived: ironic, and almost laugh out loud funny (what could be more boring then watching an artist write out "i will not make any more boring art" 50 times?)

this art, maison21 isn't sure if he understands- sex & violence? but whatevs... it sure is cool.

afterwards, we were lucky enough to have the bottom floor of the broad museum all to our lonesome, and spent a half hour or so in awe of the pair of monolithic richard serra sculptures exhibited there. primal, breathtaking, and not a little bit spooky, walking inside a serra piece all alone was an unexpected treat.

maison21 says go!


jones said...

Love the last painting! Have a great week-end. Mary

Teresa Hatfield said...

Love this post. I have a museum close by also, and I don't go as much as I would like.
Some strange but interesting art here. Thought provoking! Have a good Labor Day!

Suzy said...

Lucky you...looks awesome!

Margaret said...

The last one is the best one! Have a great Labor Day with Ted & Richard!