28 September 2010

never let me down (the best damn pizza in LA)

whenever m21 has a visitor to LA from near or far, one of the places he insists they visit is pizzeria mozza.  "pizzeria" you say?  doesn't sound very special- there is one on every block, of every city, in the u.s. of a., right?   well, that's true- pizza joints are a dime a dozen- but few, if any, are the equal of this one.
food of the gods- a mozza sausage/fennel pizza.
founded by nancy silverton of campanile/la brea bakery fame, and mario batali of babbo/GOOP fame, mozza is both a serious restaurant, and a casual, rockin', pizza joint- a perfect combo!  maison21 has never had a meal there that has disappointed.  i mean, how could it disappoint- we ALWAYS order the same thing, starting with nancy's chopped salad (ah-may-zing & serves 2-4 easily) and couple of other appetizers depending on the amount of guests (they only seat up to parties of six, btw).  follow that up with an individual pizza for each person at the table (so you can cut up and share the delicious tastes amongst your party); we recommend the sausage fennel (we could eat it every freakin' day), the funghi misto, and the salumi- all yummalicious.  add in one of mozza's reasonably priced wines (nothing over 50 bucks or so) and it's a near perfect meal. don't forget dessert- the butterscotch budino and the caramel copetta are both revelations on the relationship between sugar and salt, and if you skip them, like mr. T says "i pity the fool".
butterscotch budino- yummmmmmmmmm

if you are visiting LA and want to partake of the yummy-pizza goodness, we advise you to book early- it took m21 six months after mozza opened to score a reservation, and still, 3 years later, it's a "we can seat you at 5:30 or 10:00" reservation situation- but it's worth it, we swear- mozza is a meal that never disappoints...

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Because of you, I can attest to the deliciousness of their pizza! Yum!

Anonymous said... yummy! I wish I was in LA!