26 April 2011

design 100 book giveaway!

if you are anything like m21, you are missing the modern design coverage provided by the late, lamented, metropolitan home magazine. well, some of the best design from the last few years of that sadly shuttered title has been gathered in a great book, Metropolitan Home Design 100: The Last Word on Modern Interiors by michael lassell. no tassels, swags or ruffles in sight (well, maybe a lil bit); just good, contemporary design- some of it a bit cutting edge, and some a bit wacky- but always interesting.  so much preferable in our opinion then seeing some musty old period decor recreation (if we see one more 18th century farmhouse, we'll scream- swear!)

here are some of the fabulous interiors contained within that caught our eye:

like what you see? well, you can own these images forever, as we are giving our reveiw copy away to a lucky reader!

so how do you enter to win this lovely book?  there is a bit of a catch, but it's not so bad: simply follow our new tumblr blog, maison21: i'll tumblr for ya by clicking the RSS button under my picture on the right-hand of the maison21: i'll tumblr for ya page, and entering your email (US residents only please). once you subscribe,  you will be automatically entered to win. (don't worry, you'll only get one email a day from the blog, and you can unsubscribe at anytime- easy peasy!)  alternatively, if you already follow via tumblr, and don't wish an additional email in your inbox everyday,  email me the tumblr name you follow under, and then i'll go ahead and enter your email in the drawing). i'll draw the winner in a week, contact you via the email you've signed up under, and then ship your book out sometime after (warning, don't be in a hurry- you'll get your free book when ya gets it! it took me over a month to drag my sorry butt to the post office to get nita's book to her, after our last giveaway!).

see ya on the tumblrs to get your free stuff!
photo credits: 

pgs 10-11, by Joshua McHugh
pg 37 Photo by Catherine Tighe
pgs 168-169 photo by Nathan Kirkman
pg 196 Photo by Michael Mundy

book courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing 2010 (


ArchitectDesign™ said...

awesome giveaway!! I so miss Metropolitan home -hopefully this renewed upswing in the economy will bring back some new (or old) magazines! Following you on tumblr and even created my first post (finally).

Recessionista LA said...

I tumblr for ya under