23 April 2011

hoppy easter!

accept no imitations- the real easter bunny is a puppy...


Karena said...

Too cute Christian!!

Happy Easter!

Art by Karena

jones said...

How did you manage to get "Lover Boy's" ears to do that? He just keeps getting cuter....Luxie went to his new home today. As his new owner (8 year old little girl) and her parents walked away with him, she said to her cousin: "this is the way I always hold him"--it is the perfect family for Lux. (Jones and I are just a little sad)
Have a great Easter. Mary

Julio Muao said...

Happy Easter Christian!

Love the ears!! too cute. We're hoping to adopt a rescue( as soon as he is put on the adoption list. We found him wandering in our neighborhood. He quickly warmed up to our son and vice versa. Little Daniel already named him Fido and keeps asking when are we going to pick Fido up and bring him home. Wish us luck and enjoy your Easter.

maison21 said...

happy easter, karena!

aww mary, how wonderful that luxie has a forever home- i'm sure you and jones will miss him, but you did a wonderful thing by fostering for all this time. happy easter! (ps- ears are just a lil bit photoshopped)

julio, you've made my morning, knowing that cute lil fido has a home waiting for him if he goes unclaimed. let me know how things progress! happy easter to you and your family!

Ivy Lane said...

Happy Easter M21!!! I love your Easter Puppy!!!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

My book came today! Thanks so much...loved the card from Richard and Teddy. Now tell did you get Ted's ears to stand up in the Easter photo? Do they naturally stand up when lifted and stay?