29 April 2011

the real deal.

we recently were browsing through the wright auctions website, looking through the catalog of an upcoming auction of scandinavian design, and spotted this:

Kerstin Horlin-Holmquist
Eva chair
Nordiska Kompaniets Verkstader Nykoping
Sweden, 1958
beech, upholstery
29 w x 33 d x 38.5 h inches
Estimate: $3,000–5,000

um, looks rather familiar, right? (and also looks radically different in a plain linen, i might add).

now that we've seen the real deal with an auction estimate of 3-5K, i wonder if anyone's opinion of the anthro rip-off homage has changed?

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YHBHS said...

oh, good eye!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Isn't it beautiful in the calmer fabric choice!

Karena said...

It is a very cool chair that is for sure!

Have a great weekend Christian...

Art by Karena

HOBAC said...

nope. still an ugly chair.

Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

Replicas for some reason make me angry !!!
Just joined your tumblr blog. Very nice collection there of inspirational pictures