07 June 2011

anybody got $19,000 i can borrow?

because i think i want this 4 ft. acrylic paint screenprint on canvas by russel young, of jane fonda's infamous 1970 mugshot, more than i've ever wanted anything in my whole entire life (well, today at least).

buy it for me here on 1stdibs.


Tonia said...

Ok see that's just not right!

findingfabulous said...

Oh you so deserve it - I so hope someone comes through for you -FEDEX overnight, not 3 day UPS.

Karena said...

Christian I need a LOAN AS WELL I LOVE THIS!!

Art by Karena

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janie said...

Can't get over how much she reminds me of Angelina Jolie

jones said...

I saw it first! Love it, but definitely out of my price range. Mary

Anonymous said...

Oh jeez...I need about the same amount for a Fiat 500. I'm ready to win the lottery!

Miss Absinthe said...

Art + rebellion + pink = perfection!
Me want-y!