10 June 2011

yet another plea for help! (brotha, can you spare 100 million dimes?)

i only need to borrow $10.9 million for this one. i'm good for it, swear.

The Staller House, 1955, designed by Richard Neutra. Located in Bel Air, the home includes 4 bedrooms, 7 baths, a 4,200 bottle refrigerated wine room, city & ocean views, gorgeous pool, and an acre lot. Listed at $10.9M.
( via Take Sunset)


jones said...

I would if I could. Mary

Woody said...

It was so nice meeting you too! I love Maison21

I went to this open house last week and it was terrifying. Melamine everywhere and all of it peeling. My friend hit it on the head: "The owner's not going to put another cent into the place; he's cashing out."

As promised:

Enjoy :)

Modern Country Lady said...

Mmmmmmmmm , I'm with ya. Room to swing a cat .. not that I would ever do that to my three lovely cats- AND place for a dog or two as well- and a place to relax and party.
What if we pull an Ocean Eleven.
Let's see: Raina, Bri, Nita, you, me... still need 6 more :-))))