18 June 2011

ligne roset, los angeles design festival & dwell on design.

friday afternoon we attended a product launch at the ligne roset showroom (part of the los angeles design festival, running from the 15th through the 30th of this month). we were especially excited to check out ligne roset's new ploum sofa by erwan and ronan bouroullec as we've seen pictures floating around online, but hadn't seen it in person yet.  the verdict? it wowed us- much sexier, and sculptural in person than the photos would suggest:

oh- and darn comfy too!  we love furniture that 'sits' as good as it looks...

we caught this family lounging on it, and thought it was a great example to show that modern furniture can be user friendly, as well as beautiful. dad and son were a little perplexed as to why the strange man wanted to take their picture, but gamely went along (we finally succeeded in getting the kid to crack a smile, but sadly, smiley-happy picture was too blurry to use).

we're not quite sure what alchemy keeps the ploum sofa from falling over backwards with it's dramatically canted back, but it's quite solid.

we also said hello to one of our favorite pieces of furniture evah, pierre paulin's iconic 'pumpkin' chair- as fresh today as when introduced over 40 years ago. two of them in our living room would make us verrrrry happy:

the 'lines' sideboard is also a favorite from the ligne roset line. it would be perfect for a client with an architecturally modern home. it just might be a future classic...

ligne roset also introduced these crazily modern outdoor chairs and settee, but frankly, we can't tell you anything about them, even though 5th generation roset family scion, antoine roset, patiently explained to us in-depth about their design and manufacture.

seriously, we were so completely distracted by 6 foot 2 of handsome, blue-eyed frenchman, speaking in a wonderfully thick accent, to concentrate on anything he actually said.   it was like a french ken doll come to life, but with unlimited access to furnish the barbie dream house with chic modern furniture!  m21 got all light headed for a minute there, and in fact, the sound of his voice saying "theenk of the ploum sofa as a mo-dairn chesterfield" is still ringing in our ears... ;-)

ok, back to today's topic... (focus, m21, focus!)

as we mentioned, the ligne roset open house was part of the los angeles design festival, a two-week celebration of all things design-related in southern california. think architecture tours, open houses, receptions and lectures- many of them centered in a far-off foreign land called downtown LA, which we are excited to visit!  got our passport updated and everything!  go here to read the comprehensive list of events of the LADF, as there are too many to list here.

the crowning event of the LADF is the annual dwell on design conference at the los angeles convention center,  june 24th - 26th (once again in that far-off foreign land, downtown LA). we hear this dwell thingy is kind of a big deal, but this is our first visit as we had visa issues the last couple years. now that we've bribed the correct border officials, and all that red tape is cleared up, we can finally visit to see what all the hoopla is about!  it's got to be something big, right? after all it's at the convention center, and that ain't no small potatoes! m21 will be there pretty much all day friday, and back again on saturday, so be sure say hi if you see us! (we'd appreciate seeing a friendly face in this strange new land  ;-)  saturday, we are going in support of a couple of friends, as the pretty and talented erica islas of EMI interior design will be speaking at 3:30 on  the subject of "design for kids", and the same day, molly luetkemeyer (also very pretty and talented), of m designs, and the molly loot blog, will be one of the interior designers at DOD offering free design advice to conference attendees. that's right,  free advice- from one of our favorite LA designers (who isn't me)! take advantage, kids- that's worth the price of admission alone!

so mark your calendars- we hope to see you at dwell on design and the los angeles design festival next week! and for those of you in far-off lands, even more exotic than downtown los angeles, we will update on the events as we attend!


YHBHS said...

i must sit on the sofa, and quick.

Wendy J. St. Christopher said...

"theenk of the ploum sofa as a mo-dairn chesterfield"

I so enjoyed reading this that I had to stop and say it aloud. Yep, I'm still laughing!

Love your wonderful, chatty blog. :-)

Modern Country Lady said...

OMG he does look like Ken- distracting already in a picture, let alone if he would speak, hahaha!!