30 June 2011

california home + design digital edition

quirky art and refreshed mid-century modern furniture on the cover signals a new look inside...

do y'all remember waaaaay back in 2007 & 2008, when it seemed like the shelter magazine was going the way of the dodo bird, with titles shuttering left and right?  well, who'd imagine just a few short years later that design magazines would be flourishing, with the remaining print titles doing quite well, and a whole crop of new online digital titles expanding our pretty little world?  yay!

even in the dark days of what then seemed like the implosion of design publication industry, one of the bright spots was the thriving regional design magazines from all over the country who continued to publish great homes, issue after issue.  the drawback of course, was the availability of these titles- unless you live in new york or LA and have a kick ass magazine stand down the street, your chances of finding a regional magazine outside of its region served ain't so good- but not any more, thanks to the internets!
eclecticism with an industrial edge.

the latest magazine to go digital, and thus instantly expand it's circulation from regional to national is one of our favorite titles, california home + design, and a title that is getting even better under its young and savvy new editor, erin fehrer (yay for new blood and new ideas!)  the recently launched digital edition is the first under erin's leadership, and by next issue, the magazine should showcase her new vision in it's entirety- can't wait!
loved this kitchen 'refresh' (existing cabinets repainted and freshened with new countertops, appliances and light fixtures, and that bold fabric really updates the look)

we loved the july-august issue's eclectic selection of homes, and can't wait to see what erin has in store for september!  why don't y'all take a spin through the new digital edition (attached below) and let us know what you think?  oh- and pay extra attention to page 34 where you might see a familiar face smiling out at you!


Erik Perez said...

I agree and was just thinking that while looking at AT Home, NY Spaces, Atlanta Home and Lifesytles and Chicago H&G. Regional publications are just as influential as national magazines. You have great design, great quality and sometimes they are much more "approachable" in their point of view...

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Thank you for sharing, Christian.
Hope that you have a great 4th!

Blue Fruit said...

well that's a fab little issue - lots and lots of eclectic homes for a lovely little Friday inspiration.

You are right - it seems the day of the shelter mag is only just beginning....

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

This is really good news. I will certainly be flipping through it.
Is that Drew Barrymore (ish) on the cover?


Erin said...

Ooowee I love that red room, and the white kitchen just got filed away... prepare to see it again soon!

Raina Cox said...

Pretty in pink! ;)