11 July 2011

a common thread

 what do all these kajillion different fabrics have in common?

from sumptuous velvets by perennials and holly hunt, to supple canvas by pierre frey and clarence house, to chic wovens by janus et cie and robert allen, to fabulous colorful prints by schumacher and duralee?
we always thought of robert allen as, well, sorta staid fabrics for the traditional set, but these are kinda hip right? and we would have never known if the nice folks at the shade store hadn't sent us to robert allen for additional fabric selection for their shades...
the common thread amongst all these fabulous fabrics is plastique. that's right, plastic- as in virtually indestructible, stain-resistant, fade-free, plastic. we had a ball this week, selecting bunch of outdoor fabrics suitable to be used on the inside as well for a couple of new projects we're working on. outdoor fabrics have come a long way in the last few years, and we are thrilled to able to offer such chic and stylish options to our clients with pets and small children. 
we wish you could touch these- you'd never know they were made for the great outdoors...
whaddyathink? y'all ready to bring the outside, in?

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CB said...

I'll take one of each! Floor pillows rejoice!