05 July 2011

scribbles, elevated and celebrated (thank you, cy twombly)

the world lost one of the great painters of the 20th century today, but as the old saying goes, his legacy lives on...   cy twombly's body of work, celebrated the beauty and chaos of the scribble, and (not so) random gesture.  no other artist has inspired more people to say "my three year old could do that", and they couldn't be more wrong-  cy twombly's scribbles were ephemera made permanent, and always, at least to me, things of beauty. in my fantasy world, where i'm a billionaire art collector, the first three artists i would buy would be twombly, koons, and stuart davis.  in that order, too.

thank you for the beauty you've left in the world, mr. twombly. i may never be able to own one of your works, but fortunately, they will always be here to inspire and move me.

***sorry, i've collected the images for a while, so i'm not sure of the sources. the last photo is from today's obituary in the new york times.


Karena said...

Christian, thank you for honoring a legendary modern master.

Art by Karena

quintessence said...

Probably number one on my list as well!!

jones said...

Things somehow feel a little different in his absence. Mary

Anonymous said...

we love our scribbles..
RIP Cy Twombly...

CB said...

He will truly be remembered. Stephen and I had the pleasure of seeing his "scribbles"up close and personal in London last year and they were especially exciting as whole room in your face color explosions. Beautiful post.

Raina Cox said...

One of the titans of 20th-century art.

Erin said...

Simply gorgeous.