17 July 2011

more indoor/outdoor obsessing (liora manné rugs)

our current obsessive search for all things indoor/outdoor included floor coverings, of course, and while we found lots of great outdoor rug options out there, very few of them were available in custom sizes, and we only found one company who will make custom patterns and colors.
a selection of the variety of colors and patterns available
that company is liora manné, a new york company who manufactures out of china, and who will do just about and color or pattern combo you can dream of. the rugs are composed of felted fbers attached to a latex coated base, resulting in something that is sort of a cross between a textile rug and a roll-out linoleum (some flor tiles are similar, but the advantage of liora manné is no seams, and of course, the infinite color and pattern capabilities). we won't lie, you'd never mistake these for a hand-knotted silk carpet, as they definitely have a bit of a contract-style vibe, but with the stock and custom colors and patterns available, in addition to the fact that the rugs are suitable for both indoor and out, and in high-traffic commercial applications, all make these a tremendous appealing option; and since maison21 often designs for clients with pets and small children, we can't wait to use these in a playroom, or family room.
example of the texture (click to make bigger)
and of the thickness (click to make bigger)
we also have to comment that the customer service was pretty stellar too- we called to inquire about their rugs one morning, and received samples the every next day-  just in time for our client meeting! (our client went gaga for the ikat pattern btw, and it could very well make an appearance in a chic nursery in the near future).
we admit, we encouraged ted to sit on the samples for the lead-in photo of this post, but richard heard us, and decided he needed to get in on the action too.
did we also mention that the rugs are really affordable too? you can get stock options from the liora manné website, and completely by random coincidence, right after we took the photos for this post, we received an email from gilt group announcing a flash sale on the rugs (swear- we aren't being paid by either gilt or liora manné- just one of those funny coinky-dinks!)
after these photos, we'll probably never, ever again get a carpet manufacturer to lend us samples! we swear, we don't regularly encourage this kind of thing (we would never let the twin fur bombs near an expensive silk or wool sample), but these are hard wearing options, suitable for indoors or out, so what better testament, right? plus, t & r are just so darn cute!
so whaddya think? are you as excited about the possibilities as we are?


Hellohello baby said...

I can see why you are excited! I am just wondering if they ship to Norway... and what the cost would be. Love the infinite pattern posibillities!

jones said...

Your beasties look so happy. Great way to advertise rugs-perhaps you might get them an agent. Have a great week----Mary.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

So funny, those two! Love the colors here.
Tell Ted and Richard hello for me, Christian!

JCF said...

Do you think they can do 9 * 12?
Love them!