30 July 2011

happy weekend!

ted sleeps with his little pink tongue hanging out, so this is the little sleepyhead face i wake up to every morning. it's nice to start my day with a smile.

happy weekend, kids!


Erika said...

My Jack Russell had his tongue sticking out earlier today. I always worry that it is going to get dried out. My husband thinks I'm nuts. He's quite possible correct.

jones said...

Hi C.--He is an amazing little guy (and handsome!). Have a great day. Mary

Karena said...

Christian, I hope that you are having a great weekend with your pal!!


Art by Karena

Vickie H. said...

That is one lucky pup! ADORABLE!

Suzanne said...

So cute!
My vet friend visiting me says that sometimes dogs do that if they're too warm... it helps keep them cool. Hope ted isn't getting too hot! (If the bedroom isn't hot there is no cause for worry, he says)

katiedid said...

Awwwww! SUCH a cutie! Our younger pup has no shame....she was on the couch this morning sound asleep with her legs straight up in the air.

Lord Cowell said...

Ted is So cute. Love your blog.