06 March 2013

duralee john robshaw book giveaway! (lucky me, lucky you!)

the last few days have been rather extraordinarily fun- as many of you know, there was a design blogger's conference here in los angeles, and though i didn't attend the conference (have to work and pay the bills!), i was lucky enough to be invited to some chic parties, dinners and events surrounding  the conference. seriously- lucky me- amongst them was a fabulous dinner at one's of LA's top designers, michael berman's glam home (we'll be taking a field trip to his new "bronze studio" on beverly soon), as well as an incredibly fun dinner hosted by duralee at the chateau marmont (one of my fave LA places).
now i ain't laying out these dinners as a humble brag, i know just how fortunate i am be invited to these events, and part of that reason is because of you, my dear readers, who keep visiting here day after day, year after year.  if it wasn't for you, i would have had been goin' thru the in n' out drive thru monday night instead of attending a glam chateau marmont dinner hosted by one of my favorite fabric houses. as you are also probably aware, duralee has a partnership with design heartthrob, john robshaw, and so at the dinner, we were each given a signed copy of his book, "john robshaw prints", and here's where the lucky me, lucky you, comes in- you have a chance to win a *signed* copy of the book for your very own!

so how do you win? simply like duralee  and maison21 on facebook via rafflecopter (if you've already "liked" us you can still enter), and then get an extra entry if you tweet to your friends about the contest! easy peasy!

thanks, and good luck!
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Brandon S said...

A wonderful book! Had the pleasure of meeting John a few months back here in San Diego and now his book is covered in posted notes for inspiration. Maison21 readers MUST enter. I said MUST.

Dawn Oliveira said...

Hello Maison 21, just want you to know I thoroghly
Enjoy your blog... Beautiful, funny, clever. Really
love your straight talk design sensibility. Oh, and
I'd walk over hot coals for that John Robshaw book.
I just entered to win and am keeping toes crossed
that I will! Been a fan of his from his beginnings, as
30 year veteran textile designer myself, I totally appreciate
his aesthetic. Nuf said. Enjoy your California sun.
Dawn Oliveira

katiedid said...

I just "liked" Duralee.....but then I have liked them in reality,not just virtually, for a long time! You....I liked ya as soon as I metcha!!