16 March 2013

the last 7 days...

ted and i took a beautiful drive to visit family in san diego
where our SIL made us a russian-themed dinner of blinis, creme fraiche & caviar (and maybe some vodka shots between courses ;-)
ted took some time to smell the flowers ;-) 
we reveled in our our longer days, but our mornings were a wreck as we tried to adjust...
we listed to our inner junque whisperer, and made a quick stop at a consignment store where we found this dorothy draper beauty (in the marketplace if anyone is interested)

i got a new weave, courtesy of ms. pamela payne
ted got pretty too, after we gave him a bath 
stopped into nicky rising ltd for some fabric inspiration, like this carleton V indoor/outdoor flamestitch fabric
but as usual, was distracted by some de gournay goodness. *sigh*
and left nicky rising haunted by this tulu embroidered fabric- need to use it!
and was dumbstruck by nature- the best colorist.
we have a part 2 coming up this week- stay tuned...

*** all photos pulled from the maison21 instagram feed- follow along for even more fun! 


Brandon S said...

You were in San Diego and didn't let me buy you a drink? What gives? HAHA!

mary said...

Beautiful photos. Isn't Spring amazing. Love the fabrics, Ted and the sunset. Happy St. Patrick's Day.