25 March 2013

the last 7 days... (part 2)

we ran super late to the westweek events we wanted to attend on thursday- due to a plumbing issue which left the water shut off and us unshowered until about 2 pm, hence my look of consternation. grrr.
but late or not, we still made time to stop and smell the beautiful flowers (it's only design, y'all. running a 'lil late ain't gonna kill anyone). ps, i love my beautiful city of angels, especially in spring.
speaking of beautiful, this colorful display in the PDC of quadrille fabrics makes me happy.
these awesome prints by my friends at ferrick-mason are also happy making (represented in the chic thomas lavin showroom); i also love that this lovely line is 100% designed and made with love here in southern california.  yay for shopping local!
speaking of thomas lavin, james magni gave a standing room only talk and book signing in the lavin showroom the day before, but alas, i had an appointment and was unable to attend. thank goodness his people set aside a copy of his new book "magni modernism" for me, as the showroom sold out during the signing, so i'm very fortunate to have received my preview copy! 
talk about inspring! this glamorous entry way is one of many chic projects featured in the book. i'm really sad i missed mr. magni's talk after thumbing through the volume- i need to soak up everything i can from designers who work on projects of this scale in the hopes it'll rub off on me!
a children's playroom from magni's book. don't know why this one struck in my mind, except it shows that even the most refined designers can stretch a bit, and i also thought this kid's playroom probably had a bigger budget than many entire homes i've done. ;-)
speaking of inspirational designers, i somehow scored an invite to thomas lavin's vendors-only party at his chic hollywood hills home, where i met legendary designer erika brunson for the first time (her furniture collection "erika brunson couture living" is repped by lavin). i totes wanna be like her when i grow up- not only does she design palaces (yes, for reals, palaces), she is also charming, funny, and best of all, donates the profits from her furniture collection to rescue animals, including operating a mobile spay and neuter clinic that services low income neighborhoods. how cool is that? (ps- if you want to see lavin's cool pad in the hills, it's on the newsstands in the lastest issue of interiors magazine. of course, you won't get cocktails and hors d'oeuvres with it like i did).
later in the week, i also went to a packed party at the ralph pucci showroom where i really admired the ruben toledo installation of black and white paintings against bright red walls- it looked so fresh- and pardon the blurry picture, but you know, i had already drank me some wines. ;-)
designer delta wright, photographer john ellis, california home + design editor-in-chief erin feher (sporting the cutest baby bump), moiself, and designer/photographer amy benton, in the pucci showroom. we are all smiling because seconds earlier someone knocked over a kajillion dollar vase and we are all delirously happy it wasn't one of us. ;-)
i ended my week by hiking these steps, up this hill. kicked. my. ass.
but i was so winded, i had plenty of opportunities to stop and admire the native southern california wildflowers blooming everywhere. so pretty. as always, i'm reminded how fortunate i am to live in such a lovely place.
and of course, i ended my week where i am happiest, chilling with the kids.


Ensemble ZKG said...

I love that hill. It's kicked my ass many a time!!! The view at the top is totes worth the climb, especially on a clear day.

mary said...

What a week!! I love those red walls.

Lynford Rozario said...

Loved those prints...:)

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