17 March 2013

the last 7 days, part II

i started out my week looking at very modern statues of giant animals at robert kuo
and ended it looking at giant statues of ancient gods and goddesses at the getty villa
in between, i marveled my my good fortune to live in paradise
where natures's colorful beauty abounds 365 days of the year
i also visited janet yonaty inc. on melrose, where nature inspired these colorful luigi bevilacqua animal velvets
while there, i literally gasped at the intense colors of this chinoiserie wallcovering by fromental- i want to line a room with this, and then put in nothing but white & chrome modernist furniture...
and this orange malachite inspired fromental wallpaper will be used in a project soon- as god is my witness! so hot. thanks for pulling it out to show me, holly!
i had a dinner meeting at toritillia republic (i am addicted to their jalapeno margaritas) with public relations guru, tamar mashigian, where we laughed and gossiped, all the while plotting world domination...
and reminisced about the evening tamar put together at chic new woven accents showroom the week before- where i had the opportunity to spend time with a few of my favorite LA peeps, disney imagineer (and artist), katrina mosher, and tracy hiner,  goddess of wallpaper at black crow studios (not to mention zak graff, of ensemble zkg, who was just out of camera range). teh four of us had dinner afterwards- and drank more of those tasty margaritas- again, while laughing and gossiping and plotting world domination...
and last, spent some quality time with the ones i love.  this extended paw on the staircase means "please play with me". so i did:
***for the 1st half of this post, click here and for the unedited, uncut, straight up version of my week in instagrams, follow my feed here.


Shana Randell said...

I love this blog! Great ideas for my new home!

thank you!

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David said...

You've had some good days Sir! I love Richard's relaxed feistiness.

Juliane at Modern Mural said...

It looks like a lovely time!