08 March 2013

the last seven days

in what may or may not become a regular feature here at maison21, at the close of every week, i'm going to repost some instagram highlights from the last seven days (more or less- i think i might have nine days here). i see and do so many fabulous things over the course of my week, why not share them one last time? but don't worry, i'm not going to share everything with you, cuz if i shared the reality that 90% of my week was spent in the office writing PO's, submitting invoices, sending follow-up emails, and making phone calls, you'd get the idea that interior design isn't glamorous at all, and that's the last thing we want to do. ;-) so just the fun, pretty, chic or cute bits of our week. enjoy.
we relaxed around the house a bit
and sat in the sun
enjoyed a groovy lunch and viewed new product at natural curiosities with my lovely friend, ginna christensen, creative director for marc phillips rugs.
tried a cute new artisan ice creamery in the 'hood, carmela's.  my friend, kathy's fab frenchy-french shop, vintageweave, is right next door and she's been raving about it. and when kathy raves about something, i pay attention- girlfriend is in the know.

did some shopping for accessories at the ok store, amongst others in the 'hood (love to shop local!)
visited my friend, emily henderson, who was hosting an etsy pop-up shop at teh west elm store
where we saw these adorable baby things (ps- we LOVE buying handmade and supporting artisans  & small business owners)

went to a chic dinner at designer michael berman's glamorous home
took a hike in teh great outdoors
went to a party at woven accents, where i fell in love with these shaggy beni ourain style moroccan rugs
went to a glammy dinner hosted by duralee fabrics, where i laughed until my sides hurt, courtesy of tobi fairley, amongst other delightful guests.
went to cost plus just to see what they had and couldn't resist styling this vignette (designers, can't take them anywhere) leather butterfly chair, $199, printed purlap pillow, $25, flokati, $99, and fakey african table, $149
took some walks in teh rain with ted when the weather turned
and finally, hosted a giveaway for a chic john robshaw book on the blog (thanks duralee!)  ps- have you entered?

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Ivy Lane said...

Love your "last seven days" post! Will look forward each week to see your re-caps! I entered the giveaway.. ! thanks for the opportunity! :)