10 April 2013

high point anticipation is heating up! (#HPMKT)

i can't believe that in just 10 days, i'll be in the the thick of the US home furnishings industry's biggest trade show, high point market (#HPMKT)! and what i really can't believe is that i haven't even posted my  pictures from last market! how fast 6 months can fly by...

love HPMKT's new hashtag inspired logo!
this time, imma get smart and make the antique & design center my first stop 
so fabulous things like this big ol' brass hippo offered by joel sarvis (a scowters friend), aren't sold before i can get my mitts on them!
brassy goodness- i think this collection is either joel's or stephanie schofield's good stuff. i should have bought it all!
the vintage art offered in the antique and design center is AMAZING, like this piece from gillian bryce fine art
something for everyone- like this steampunky sputnik (dealer's name unknown- i'll get it when i'm in HPMKT)
and my second stop will be to visit my friends at 220 elm, where i am excited to meet my HPMKT sponsors, w. schillig, and give you the full tour of their showroom!
loved the retro inspired ave 62 collection from younger furniture in 220 elm last market, so i'm excited to see what's new.
these colorful pieces from skyline furniture, also caught my eye at 220 elm.
i'll also be visiting my friends at currey and company, where as usual, i will be overwhelmed  with all the offerings in their jam-packed showroom. loved this obelisk lamp introduced last market.
and i'll visit cr laine to see whats new and colorful (as well as hopefully chow down on some southern bbq)
of course, i'll have my eyes peeled for brand new sources, like van collier who offered these chic twig inspired wall brackets.
and v rugs and home who offered these terrific graphic pillows.
of course the best part of high point is getting to hang with wonderful people, like the handsome ron woodson, half of the design duo pf woodson and rummerfield. ron and jamie (the other half) just revamped stanley furniture's high point showroom, and i can't wait to see it!
more fab folk- ginna christensen, creative director of marc phillips rugs. yeah, i get to see ginna in LA, but it feels special  in high point for some reason!
dictator chic in my HPMKT home away from home, the greensboro sheraton. i am fascinated by this lobby vignette, and can't wait to sip my morning coffee on idi amin's former throne.  ;-)

so roll call- who will i see at HPMKT? i know i'll see lots of you, as my twitter and FB feeds are heating up with HPMKT hashtags! can't wait. be sure to say hi if you see me first!

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Debra Phillips said...

i'll be looking for you, seeking one of your famous bear hugs!