01 April 2013

the last 7 days

last week was one of those weeks, so i took a few hikes to center myself...
but it wasn't such a stressful week that we didn't repeat our mantra of gratitude while walking ted: i am very lucky to live in such a lovely city, surrounded by beauty everyday (don't let anyone tell you LA is ugly- they just aren't looking in the right places). 
speaking of gratitude, we were amazed and overwhelmed on tuesday & wednesday when our facebook feed turned red in support of equality- tears were shed, no lie. we've come a long way, baby, and to know that so many people care and support our struggle for equality is so wonderfully uplifting, words just can't sufficiently express. the battle may not be over, but i feel like we've already won the war, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.
we also spent a couple of very late evenings working on floor plans for a new commission...
and then sought out a little inspiration from my friends at decorative carpets. these new pieced  carpets are kinda fantastic. graphically modern, yet traditional, a perfect modern/transistional rug.
i'm always looking for rugs that have enough pattern to hide the sins of wear, yet don't feel "contract-y", so this pattern from decorative which is graphic, yet almost reads solid from a distance is a great choice. plus, you know i loves me some black and white!
on my way home from rug shopping, i almost got into an accident on beverly blvd. when i spotted these chairs in the window of my friend annie's shop, empiric. she already makes my favorite side chair ever, so the addition of this smart retro number to her line makes her my one stop shop for dining chairs! loving the brassy goodness.
another of my favorite things from annie's store is the great line of convex mirrors she carries. i love a round convex mirror as they are an easy way to insert curves into plain square rooms (every room needs straight lines and curves. keeping things too rectilinear always feels harsh and lifeless). the convex reflection also always makes even the smallest space seem bigger, so win-win!
see? i use them all the time!
and here's another in a bungalow i did a while back.  oddly, i don't have convex mirror in my own home, so i think i'm going to have to work on that as they are truly one of my favorite decorating staples!
and of course, we'll close the post with my little man, ted, who gives me this look a lot, especially when i'm working hard and don't have time to pet him 24/7 as he would like... ;-)
stay tuned for part deux tomorrow!


mary said...

Gratitude Mantra.....always!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Christian! Again, it was great to see you. Next time I hope there is liquor involved ;)
- Annie