01 November 2013

black crow studios rules at #HPMKT! (and my "memphis" wallpaper is available to order on their website!)

i was super sad to miss out of fall market at high point for many reasons- i missed all my WONDERFUL friends who i look forward to seeing twice a year. i also missed all the great new introductions- i love being amongst the first to know about what's new 'n pretty! and most importantly, i missed out on a good friend making her high point debut: tracy's hiner did a kick ass installation of her black crow studios wallpaper at the cr laine showroom (i always need to use the phrase "kick ass" in a sentence when talking of my girl tracy,  cuz she is one of my favorite peeps). holly mckay blalock, the mastermind behind cr laine ( and another favorite peep) designed an entire room around tracy's dreamy watercolor wallpaper, and boy was it pretty:
 also throughout the showroom were canvases for purchase using tracy's same amazing watercolor prints- a great idea for those who love the black crow studios look, but don't want to make the commitment of an entire room! and luckily for y'all, they are now offered on the black crow studios website as well!
and you know what else is now available on the black crows studio website? my "memphis" collection wallpaper, in 5 delicious colorways! finally, y'all can purchase by the roll!  yay!

and stay tuned- we have more wallpaper collections in the works with black crow studios to debut this spring!

last, we haven't had a video from my rad 80's youth on the blog in years, so inspired by tracy and holly's kick ass room, here ya go:


katiedid said...

I just saw this pink wallpaper on another blog, but they did not give the source. So glad to know where it came from and then lo and behold, it is the same company that made your brilliant wallpaper! Makes my day.

Ann Porter said...

Great news about your wallpaper, Christian! I will have to check out all the colors. --KitchAnn