23 November 2013

please VOTE for me to be the california home+design magazine tastemaker of 2014!

it's awards season here on the internets, so i need to ask your help (again) by voting for me in the california home+design magazine awards to be "design tastemaker of 2014". you can vote once a day thru 12/2, so please vote for me and all your other favorites (don't you love it when you don't have to chose just one friend to vote for?)

i'm number 4 of 30 (you will know me by my stripes), and i think i should be tastemaker of 2014 because:
  1. i'm an interior designer.
  2. i blog.
  3. i paint.
  4. i design wallpaper (4 new patterns coming spring 2014).
  5. i design rugs (debut collection, spring 2014).
  6. i collect vintage furniture
  7. i tweet
  8. i pin.
  9. i instagram.
  10. i have big hair. again.
  11. puppies and babies like me.
if these things don't make me a tastemaker, what does?

thanks for your support! mwah!


MJH Design Arts said...

Just voted!!

Casa Vilora Interiors said...

Voted earlier today. Now, you better win! Can't disappoint the puppies and babies! Best wishes :-)

Raina Cox said...

I voted and wrote a post encouraging all of my Dumplings to do the same.

Bits crossed!

maison21 said...

thank you, mary! xo!

maison21 said...

much appreciated, casa vilora!

maison21 said...

you are the sweetest, raina!

Home decor ideas said...

Ye, I liked you post and some of the good knowledge i got from here. Thanks a lot..

jason said...

voted for you too!
good luck! Love your work