28 November 2013

giving thanks, 2013

ted, november, 2013
i am so thankful to be celebrating the thanksgiving holiday with my little buddy, ted. given that he was so ill in july, it is a miracle that today he is happy, healthy and begging for treats. while his surgery helped enormously, we know that his rare and aggressive cancer will be back at some point, but on thanksgiving 2013, ted is a feeling good and will be totally spoiled. we are going on a long car ride to visit my family in san diego, and since ted loves a car ride, he'll be in heaven the whole way, even as i'm cursing the traffic. ;-) so grateful to have him with me today.
ted, after surgery in july to remove his stomach tumor. i was so scared he wouldn't make it.
and i am also grateful for the outpouring of love and support from friends, family, and even total strangers during the darkest hours of his illness. it truly took a village to save his life, and my gratitude to the hundreds of people who came together for him is simply inexpressible. absolutely changed my way of viewing the world, and without that love and support, ted would not be here barking for treats today. so thank you to ted for being ted, and thank you to everyone who cared enough about a little dog to help save his life. today as we enjoy our turkey, you'll all be in our hearts.

ted, demanding treats. considering 4 months ago he was refusing to eat or drink, these barks are music to my ears. as long as he's barking, i'm feeding. ;-)

happy thanksgiving everyone! give your loved ones a hug today- they are the things to be most grateful for!


Nita Stacy said...

Oh..he looks so good! My friend's little dachshund was diagnosed with rectal cancer four years ago and she is going strong. One vet said prepare for putting her down. But her illness has been managed just fine. I kept her last year for a week and she was as good as mine. I hope Ted has lots of years ahead. I pray for this.

Champagne Macarons said...

Happy to hear that Ted is doing well.. and I'm sure his little tummy is full. My dogs are my children too.
Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving. xoxo, B

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Christian, I missed the posts regarding Ted's surgery. Sending love to both of you.....miracles do happen!!
Happy thanksgiving.