20 March 2008

charmed i'm sure (modern chair love)

move over louis, maison21 has a new modern chair love- charme, available at the conran shop:
though charme is exceedingly well priced at $795.00, brocade home offers a chair very similar in feeling for the budget price of $199.00:
don't worry, louis, we still love you, too (and we were pleased to find you so cheap on ebay- thanks for the tip, cristina!)
last, anziano, you know you will always be number one in maison21's modern chair loving heart:


Anonymous said...

Loving the last chair! wow, first the turquoise beauty and now this. I can't believe I'm on the same wavelength as M21 lately. this could mean either of 2 things. a) M21's taste is heading south or b.) there's a sequined zebra in my future

girl meets glamour said...

I got those Donghia chairs for a client once, they are so cool and they stack too!! but, my fav. is the ghost chair!


Decorno said...

Oh, Anziano! My little tasty bit of Donghia love. You will always be my number 1 chair.


maison21 said...

anon- you SO have a bedazzled zebra in your future. if i knew where you lived, i'd start bedazzling today so i could leave it on your doorstep... ;-)

kate (gmg)- i love them BOTH, and honestly believe that the louis chair, no matter how often it is used (and abused), will go down as a classic- like a saarinen table, it will ALWAYS be in style.

decorno- yes, i knew you loved the anziano too (i remembered from one of your posts). it really is my all time favorite chair. i have one that has seen better days (stored it in the garage for a while, and had a leak) i keep thinking i'll restore it one day, but it would probably be easier and cheaper to buy a new one.

did you ever get your dining chairs? of course, this post was certainly inspired (in part) by your hunt!