20 March 2008

mortal enemies?

whoever coined the phrase "fighting like cats and dogs" has never visited the maison21 atelier- mona and richard get along quite well, thank you. as maison21 starts his day reading emails, blogs, etc., they will frequently take a morning nap next to each other. nothing is cuter them the two of them napping together in a puddle of morning sun. maison21 isn't usually able to capture the image, as the minute he moves to find the camera, mona is usually up and following him (he could be getting up to get some food, after all), but this morning, maison21 was able to get that rare photo op. please excuse the unmade bed, but m21 couldn't exactly ask them get up so he could style the photo first (much as he would have loved too, btw). dirty laundry or no, the image is a little too sweet not to share.

and yes, it is no optical illusion- richard is a monstrously large cat.

here's another photo of them peacefully hanging out together from the last time m21 was able to capture the moment- way back when richard was a lil bitty kitty:

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Pigtown-Design said...

Awwww... they're darling.

Happy Easter to you and the PEEPS!