23 March 2008

happy easter (or happy spring)

happy easter!
(for those who celebrate, or happy spring for those who do not, but like maison21, enjoy candy and pastel colors anyway...)

the above photo was taken as maison21 was preparing to leave for an easter brunch- the basket next to his beautiful little girl dog, mona, was NOT her easter gift- maison21 is a crazy-indulgent pet parent, but not THAT crazy (although mona may have got a squeaky toy to shred in honor of the day).

rather, the basket was intended for a little girl person, the beautiful lucy, with whom we were lucky enough to be invited to share in her first easter egg hunt.
isn't she adorable?

after a friendly helping hand in finding her 1st egg, lucy, being the 15 month old child prodigy that she is, was soon finding eggs all by herself (ok, maybe a little adult help was involved) and proceeded to delightfully hurl them into her easter basket (with no small amount of force, btw).
of course, no easter egg hunt would be complete without the appearance of the easter chicken (don't ask- maison21 has no idea why one of the brunch guests brought a chicken costume, but lucy seemed to enjoy it).
and of course, the easter chicken was accompanied by the easter dog. maison21 would never subject his own dog to such humiliation, btw. well, almost never...
tomorrow, we'll tell you why this post about chickens and dogs and babies and stuff, has any business being on a design blog...


katiedid said...

LOL! It looks like you had a wonderful day! I do celebrate Easter and love pastels and candy. Your dog is the sweetest thing!

maison21 said...

hi katie!

it was a delightful day- i'm sucker for babies, so can't be around them enough. all my nieces and nephews are either grown-up or getting there, so i'm glad my friends are having little ones for me to coo over!

and mona says thanks!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I just popped by and was of course drawn to the animal post. Your dog smiling next to that Easter basket made me smile. That is too funny. I'm always a sucker for dogs smiling. And then to see the Easter chicken and the dog in the bunny costume, well, I was laughing all the way through. The little girl was adorable, btw.

Happy day,

maison21 said...

thanks for stopping by melissa- i can take no credit for the cute factor of the post, 'cause it just doesn't get any cuter than puppies 'n babies!

Anonymous said...

Mona looks great!!!

xoxo Mariana & TIm

maison21 said...

mona says thanks, m&t!