14 March 2008

kelly wearstler for the rug company

last night maison21 was lucky enough to attend the glamorous launch of kelly wearstler's new line of carpets for the rug company. the event was quite chic, filled with just about every interior designer and store owner in los angeles, and maison21 was delighted to spend time with his talented friends from kwid (without whom, ms. wearstler's work would not look nearly as good as it does).

of course ms. wearstler was there, and she looked terrific as always- very pretty in person, and very thin, wearing the highest heels ever. maison21 has to hand it to you ladies who suffer for fashion- high heels are a great look, but maison21 would be a raving bitch if he couldn't wear his sneakers everywhere he goes- even when he wears a suit.

you can check out pictures of the party at getty images and wire image (thank you for the link, d.!).

maison21's favorites from the collection are "tracery" (above) and "maze" (below):


Pigtown-Design said...

And where are you in these lovely pix?

maison21 said...

meg, i am hiding behind the rug ms. wearstler is standing in front of. look closely- it's like "where's waldo?".

seriously, i tried to get the photographer to take a picture of me, but they refused to waste even digital film on a nobody like moi-self, so no party pics of the lowly maison21!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Maison - you, yes you know, you make me laugh - here I am looking intently at the picture of Ms W and going unless you're sandwiched between the rugs there is definitely no Maison in this first picture and then ....ahhh the RUGS! the pattern! - Its not were's Wally its those pics where you have too refocus your eyes and then you see the image in the squares and swirls.

Well I must say you are very handsome !!!! the profile that I can see hiding in that last rug - Now you can add Ms Wearsler's rug muse to your list of accomplishments :-)

OK I'm deliriously tired to the point of silly;-)

Stop looking intently at that last rug you lot - he's not really there:-)

Suzy said...

Oooh how lucky thing! Thanks for sharing!

Alkemie said...

How exciting and glam! Must have been an event.

my little apartment said...

hey, i was there too with my friend from KWID ;)

maison21 said...

maybe i met you, little apartment!