09 March 2008

maison21 loves 'em burly...

as maison21 sucked down his daily pot o' coffee this lazy sunday morning (lazy, because m21 wuz robbed of an hours' worth of sleep by the daylight savings time change. loving that it stays light later, but why do we even have to make the switch? can't we just leave it this way year round? it messes with maison21's biological clock something fierce!)- anyway, as he was trying to wake himself up by guzzling coffee, m21 put his not-yet-awake mind on autopilot, and rifled through some old issues of design magazines, looking for inspiration and resources. isn't this what everyone does on a lazy sunday morning? maison21 is sick, i tell you, sick! maison21 also thinks this is a sickness many of you might share (though maybe not first thing in the morning), so he thought he'd share some of the images he enjoyed with his morning cuppa (potta, really)...

maison21 first ran across this image of a teak burl table in front of a vladimir kagan sofa, used in a new york townhouse designed by julie hilman (october 2007 issue of interior design magazine). the table is absolutely PERFECT for a project maison21 is working on - he needs a big ol' cocktail table that is indestructibly kid-proof, and he loves the idea of inserting a sculptural organic element into a living area filled with more traditional furniture elements.

isn't the meteor table from chista amazing? a tour of the chista website, or their nyc meatpacking district showroom is a must, as they have the most stunning selection of spectacular sculptural natural wood forms- like the monumental teak root fashioned into a room dividing screen, below:

the delicious images from chista got maison21 hungry for more fab organic wood furniture- not for the same project as the coffee table, since too many pieces in a similar style would be like living in a mangrove swamp- but just because natural wood is pretty and we like to look at it.

a great place to start looking for pretty natural wood furniture would be the website of the master of the organic wood form, george nakashima. though mr. nakashima is deceased, his legacy lives on in his eponymously named company and you can order new pieces from them based on his iconic forms, such as the classic conoid bench (image via you can also find a great selection of vintage nakashima furniture (and the staggering prices it commands) on our favorite decorating porn website, 1stdibs.

maison21 next went to the website of the hudson furniture company, another new york-based firm offering gorgeous reclaimed wood furniture celebrating the organic form. isn't the lucite base console table fabulous? and the dining table on sculptural hammered bronze legs? yum!

maison21 really wants one of hudson's petrified stump end tables for his own living room:
last image from hudson, one of their amazing "tahiti" chairs. how much do you think this svelte 'lil guy weighs?

one of maison21's favorite stores here in los angeles, lawson-fenning, has long had a teak burl and lucite cocktail table- the "redlands" table- in their own well-designed custom furniture line:

isn't the juxtaposition of the transparent, artificial lucite against the solid, organic wood burl, kinda wonderful? (btw, we think the guys from l-f had this table in their line long before the hudson furniture co. had the console in theirs- not that it matters as they are both fab pieces- but we want to give props where they are due)...

last, if you are a frequent reader of maison21's musings, you know he loves to mix the high with the low, so check out these bargain examples of organic burliness from online retailer, vivaterra, $169 and $149, respectively:

so, do you think you wood be up to adding a little burliness to your decor?


Tony said...

Hi Maison,

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Suzy said...

If that's what sick is, then I'm terminally ill! ;)

Things That Inspire said...

I can't say that I am a fan of the wood look, but I can relate to reading old design magazines for sheer fun. I am trying to get rid of my enormous stockpile of magazines, and it is great to look at magazines from the late 90s and see what is still in style.

Anonymous said...

Hi M
I love your posts. Very relevant. Love the burl...especially in small does to warm a room up. I'm liking the Henredon chests...can you find something similar and paint yourself (or dare I say trim the legs???I have a pair of Henredon chairs and I think they might bleed if I trimmed them, but hey)
Sara L.

Alkemie said...

I absolutely love huge Chunks of wood! A coffee table or that huge table with chrome legs would be marvelous.


maison21 said...

hi karen- thanks for visiting!

aren't big chunky stumps the best? i ran across a crazy cantilevered whole tree turned into an 8 foot console table this afternoon, and i can't get it out of my head. the hunt for burlwood started for a client, but might end up in my own home!