12 June 2008

all praise maison21 (will work for compliments)

lauren, co-author of the delightful material girls blog, recently "tagged" maison21. m21 has mixed feelings about tagging- he thinks in a way, it's the online equivalent of a chain letter: "dear friend, if you don't send this letter to 10 people within 24 hours you'll have 10 years of bad luck, and your bad karma will cause earthquakes. sincerely, sharon stone"- BUT in this case, maison21 has put his misgivings aside, because material girl lauren had the nicest, most complimentary way of asking him to play, and with m21, flattery will get you everywhere:
"Person I want to know more about...Maison21, he is the funniest blogger ever! I'm always laughing out loud and reading some of his lines to my husband!"
now if lauren had said that maison21 is ONE of the funniest bloggers out there, he would have brutally snubbed her request, but, lauren, being the smart girl that she is, buttered m21 up with "(maison21) is the funniest blogger EVER"- meaning maison21 , and just maison21, is numero uno- and he likes that. a lot. of course now maison21 is lauren's new bff, and will not only answer her tag, but he will also soon be flying to her home town to take her to dinner, detail her car and wax her floors (compliment a blogger, gain a stalker!). seriously, flattery WORKS, people! maison21 thinks more people should try it! (pleeze?)

so here we go:

What I was doing 10 years ago:

same ol', same ol'- just trying to make the world a little bit prettier! when you've found something you really love in life, why change? maison21 will probably be doing the same thing 10 years from now, too- hopefully
just on a slightly larger scale. our own line of furniture, lighting and accessories would make us very happy.

we actually thought about attempting a handmade, green lighting line about 10 years ago, with this homage d'artichoke lamp. it was made from recycled 1 gallon water bottles, and each petal was lovingly cut by hand. we made a grand total of 3, before we said- "screw this save the environment bullsh*t! we'll go green when we can have our recycled goods made in a big ol' polluting factory! (just kidding on that one by the way- since we use vintage whenever possible in our work, we figure in our own limited way, we're doing our bit to reuse and recycle).

Five Things on My To-Do-List:
  1. meet with a flooring installer for an estimate at a client's house in 15 minutes (this gives you your first insight into maison21: he is always late- always, always, always- but, he is also always upfront about it too, so anyone meeting with him has the option of a: being late themselves, or b: lying to maison21 and giving him a fake time a 15 minutes earlier than you really intend on meeting him. m21's friends lie to him all the time when dinner reservations are involved, and it (almost) always works).
  2. finish painting his kitchen (as long as you read this blog, maison21 will be talking about painting his kitchen. come back 5 years from now and maison21 will STILL be bitching and moaning about his damn half-painted kitchen).
  3. finish sketching custom furniture for another client meeting this afternoon. (maison21 is HUGE procrastinator, but in his defense, he does pretty damn good work under the pressure of a fast approaching deadline).
  4. make appointment to get hair cut (maison21 always forgets to do this until his hair looks like a big ol' bush- all of a sudden he'll look in the mirror one morning and get scared of what looks back, then he has to call his girl in a panic, begging her to squeeze him in- "puhleeeeeze- it's a total big hair emergency").
  5. last item on every single day's to-do list: give mona and richard lots of love and attention (this one is easy, and he doesn't even forget, procrastinate or show up late).
Snacks I Enjoy:

is vodka a snack? no? ok then, bacon. someone needs to invent a "bacotini".

Things I would do if I were a Billionaire:

first thing maison21 would do if he was a billionaire would be to set up a foundation to give 900 million of his billion dollars away. he would do this because 1) a billion dollars is entirely too much money for 1 man, 1 dog and 1 cat- as long as there are people in this world doing without the most basic of necessities of life, a billion dollars in the hands of one man just seems a little selfish, dontchathink? and 2) maison21 is just gonna blow through all the money anyway- buying pretty things and such- and it's 10 times sadder to have had a billion dollars and lost it, then to merely blow through 100 million.

Places I have Lived:
the maison21 clan in hawaii, back when m21 was just baby m.

though born in hawaii, maison21 is a california boy through and through (he left hawaii not long after the above photo). he grew up in san diego, moved to cold and wet san francisco for 5 years in his 20's and then returned to southern california to grow old gracefully under the warm los angeles sun. those of you living in other, less temperate climes, will poo-poo maison21 for thinking san francisco was too cold, but if you grew up in southern california, you too, would have problems adapting to anything other than 80 and sunny. maison21 actually thinks everyone should live here, and enjoy the goodness. on second thought, since it recently took m21 45 minutes to travel 16 miles, NO! STAY AWAY! the weather sucks and the people are shallow! and earthquakes! we have earthquakes!

I will now tag:

maison21 was going to tag tobi, from tobi et al, since she recently called m21, her "design idol" (god, we love that. can't get enough of that- lauren, who?). but alas, tobi was already recently tagged, plus she's pretty funny herself, so we really don't want to draw attention to any competition in the "funniest blogger ever" category.

in fact, maison21 started checking out all the bloggers who have ever said anything remotely complimentary about him, and discovered that pretty much everyone had already been tagged (or didn't care to play the game). so we've decided to tag YOU- simply write something incredibly flattering about maison21 on your blog, then consider yourself tagged! see? real easy, and you'll be preventing maison21 from breaking the "tag"chain and incurring the wrath of sharon stone when the next natural disaster comes along.

and remember, when praising maison21, the phrases "funniest blogger ever" and "design idol" have been used, so you'll have to get creative- if you need help, the phrases "high prie
st of chic", "hottest stud in decor" and "maison21: my first, my last, my everything..." are still in play.


Lauren said...

YEAH!!!! You did not dissapoint! Don't worry Emily and I just might have to stalk you down in LA, kidnap you, and force you to take us to Palm Springs to visit all the great shops you talk about. I think all great designers are ALWAYS late, work best under pressure, and talk in third person(at least that's what I tell myself).

Cote de Texas said...

I am hysterical!!! I am #1 exactly - always always late. I've begun to suspect that my twice weekly hair appt. pushes my appt. up 15 minutes for that reason. My friends all hate me and so does my family. I try!!!! I'm just always late. And yeah - I warn clients about it upfront - 15 minute rule. omg - that is so funny - we would be so compatible.

Suzy said...

You really are too funny!

alis said...

I'm always late too! Except it's usually more than 15 minutes. I have always been late, as long as I remember. I was the kid who made the schoolbus wait and annoyed the hell out of everyone in it. The downside is not everyone around me is smart enough to give me a fake meeting time. It's their fault they're waiting, duh. But I never warn new ppl I've just met, I just lie it was traffic.
maison21, being late, pushing deadlines, can't get that kitchen finished; ADD much?

maison21 said...

lauren- i'm soooo glad i didn't disappoint- i had a lot to live up to! (i'm shocked i didn't get blogger's block, after "funniest blogger ever")

come stalk me any time!

joni- in the first couple of days of my firstest design job ever, my new boss and i were running sooooo late for a meeting and while i was wigged out, he was totally calm. his words of wisdom: "we're designers- our clients expect us to be late. we don't want to disappoint them, do we?"

suzy- i already said flattery will get you anywhere, so are you trying to flirt with me? 'cuz i already have a big ol' blog crush on you! (because your taste is so terrific. and, um, if your hubby reads your email, remind him that i'm soooooo gay, so that was just meant as a compliment).

daaaaang, alis- oh no you dinit! only my shrink can call me on my ADD!

oxoxo to all-


Tobi said...

I just stopped by to reiterate my ardent devotion and admiration. There will be virgins offered up to the M-21 God at 9:00 PM CST.
Cocktails will be served.

maison21 said...

tobi- your devotion is duly noted- no need to sacrifice any virgins (where would you find one anyway?), but the offering of a cocktail, is ALWAYS appreciated...

the almighty m21

Emily said...

I am known for being late everywhere too! Maybe it's a designers curse. I was laughing so hard at your post- Lauren was right- you are "the funniest blogger ever" Too bad I don't have a husband to quote your blog lines to...But I'll spread the word to everyone else, dont worry! Also, we might take you up on that stalking..

Emily @ Material Girls

ACS said...

Fab blog. Especially because I have not found one typo ! - (I'm a little OCD with spelling. Ha)
Compliments all the way from Brisbane Australia!


muralimanohar said...

I was born in Hawaii, too (coincidentally, have also lived in San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles), and I swear that's where I set my body temperature. Cold will incapacitate me, and I can wear more than the average person in the heat.

And you are meeting a flooring installer at someone ELSE'S house, and still neglecting your own?? tsk tsk tsk :p

Jessica @ The Love List said...

stitches, yet again! remind me to kiss your ass more often, and thanks for the blogroll add!

marthalena said...

i just love, love, love you. that is all.

maison21 said...

emily- thanks for stopping by (and for agreeing with your blog co-conspirator lauren, of course) let's stalk each other soon, ok? we could be late, together!

hey acs- thanks for popping up from down under! as for the typos, you just aren't looking hard enough! though i do try to correct them before i publish. my big typing bugaboo is the missing word- never seem to catch those when i proofread, and grammar and punctuation? i horrify myself so badly in those areas, i've ceased to bother correcting them and exist blissfully in total denial of the problem...

jessica- thank YOU for the mention! looking forward to my future (far off) guest post!

oxoxo- c.

marthalena- i love, love love that you love, love, love me! seriously- this post was only half in jest- stuff like your comment makes my day!

maison21 said...

muralimanohar- you were born in hawaii, and lived in sd, sf and la? how weird! i've never met anyone with my migratory patterns before. i wonder if australia is in my future- i hear the weather is compatible with our delicate hawaii-born constitutions!

as for my damn floors, along with the kitchen, that ain't ever gonna happen... and perversely, i kind of LIKE my super fucked up floors- i never have to worry about them! drag a 200 pund marble coffee table across them? not a problem! a little paint spatter from my latest art project? oops! as long as they are cleaned regularly so they only LOOK dirty and are not FOR REALS dirty, i'm totally cool with them...

Fifi Flowers said...

HELLooooooooooo... Here it is... just for you!
ENJOY... your dream has come true... I'm your fairy bacon mother!

muralimanohar said...

Well, depends on where in Australia you go...if you come down here to Sydney, in the middle of winter like right now, where I can see my freaking breath IN MY HOUSE, it's not at ALL suitable for delicate Hawaii-born constitutions. If you go farther up, like the Gold Coast or something (where I have also lived...yes, we do get around), you might actually find it liveable. Esp since Surfer's Paradise reminds every person from Hawaii who comes there of nothing so much as walking along Waikiki..which isn't exactly a good thing. :p

Oh, and if you are going migratory patterns, you have to add New Zealand in, too. Which I highly recommend. Except up in the Southern Alps, ski country, during the worst winter in 15 years, where we moved right after sunny Gold Coast.

And to keep on with this novel of a comment...I totally agree with leaving the house fucked up...I happen to live in an about to be torn down house, cause it's almost falling down around our ears, and I LOVE it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I don't have to worry about a damn thing. :p