19 June 2008

project preview (pretty über alles)

things are starting to look rather fabulous at one of m21's current design projects- we've just turned the corner from dust and mayhem, to "hey, it's starting to look kinda pretty around here"!

after a long search, viewing seemingly every single wall sconce ever made (and finding none of them quite right), we just scored four of these chic and unusual vintage brass and crystal bird-form sconces at auction (and if you've ever sourced vintage wall sconces, you know finding a chic set of 4 is no small task):
we think they are going to be STUNNING (as in couldn't be more perfect), mounted on the below chinoiserie wall panels. no, the panels AREN'T the delicious de gournay, rather a new source for hand-painted silk wall coverings we've recently discovered (which of course maison21 promises to share with you in a future post- just want to get them in hand first, for some prettier pictures). below is a jpeg of one the actual panels we commissioned- sent to us for pattern approval from the workroom. the color isn't exactly true, but we already signed off on a background color strike-off a few weeks back, so we aren't worried. the actual color is a true banana yellow- a brighter, clearer, and even more cheery color than below jpeg- m21 loves hisself some bold color, and thankfully, so do his clients! we don't do beige here at maison21! nope- not us! (but if we were to make an exception to our no beige rule, we promise to make it really pretty- after all, the m21 motto is "pretty über alles").
have a pretty weekend- don't know if we'll get to any posts or not- things are a little busy 'round the m21 atelier!

ps- we'll be announcing the winner of the "free pretty" sweepstakes the beginning of the week, so if you haven't entered, get on it! you only have until midnight tonight!

remember (as if m21 hasn't overused the word "pretty" enough in this post)- pretty über alles!


Anonymous said...

Stop reminding them, M21! You're messing with my odds.

maison21 said...

don't worry anon- there are only 50 minutes to go, and i guarantee your odds are amongst the best you'll ever encounter in a sweepstakes! ever!

Cote de Texas said...

stunningly beautiful.

Birgit said...

Dear Maison21,

thank you for the german Umlaut !!!! Terrific blog -
thank you , Vielen Dank from Augsburg, Germany ;-)

Style Court said...

maison -- amazing panel. just lovely! the yellow is a great choice. i'm envious :)

maison21 said...

thanks, joni! i appreciate that you think so!

bitte schon, birgit! 2 years of high school german, and all i got out of it was an umlaut!

thanks, style court- i'm envious too! i wish the panels were going into my home! the room they are going into should turn out quite lovely, i think- i'm using 8 framed panels to line the room's perimeter- hopefully turning a dark cave into a sunny and cheerful garden of a room (the room has huge arched windows, but somehow still seemed dark) . the painting was finished yesterday, and the transformation has been amazing... can't wait for the panels to be ready!

Anonymous said...

Love the panels, and the sconces are SO cool. I think I know where you got the panels, so I am dying to know if I am right!!!!

The Peak of Chic said...

Love the sconces, and I think I love the panel even more. That is stunning!!!

maison21 said...

thanks peak and megan- i glad my fellow decorating professionals are all approving- can't wait to get them all up on the wall at this point!

and megan- my source isn't secret, as i discovered it online pretty easily, so you might know of it as well but i don't want to give it the ol' m21 seal of approval 'til the merhchandise is in my hands. nothing worse than a recommendation to a source that totally sucks!

Pigtown-Design said...

You're so pretty!