24 June 2008

city pretty (l.a. vintage & antique resource)

maison21 has written several posts about where to find vintage and antique goodies out in palm springs, but he feels he's somewhat neglected his home town- so here's a place maison21 goes to find bargains on cool stuff right here in los angeles: the wertz brothers antique mall (santa monica to be exact - same thing really, just nicer weather).

like most antique malls, wertz bros is filled with booths stocked by individual vendors, meaning the merchandise runs the gamut from scary grandma country kitchen kitsch to chic 19th & 20th century delights and curiosities. the prices are similarly varied- from "are we in manhattan?" high to ridiculously " this can't be right" low. amongst the highlights maison21 spotted on his last visit were:

a pair of monumental ram's head wall mounted planters, one of the items offered for a ridiculously low price. maison21 wishes he had somewhere to use them- he would have snatched them up in a heartbeat.

a lovely, large carved wood sunburst (one of the loftier priced items)- maison21 would remove the clock and add a mirror, like he did to the former clock in his bedroom.

maison21 loves his objets in pairs, like these chic brass obelisks,
and these carved marble tusks.

lantern lovers take note- this big ol' lantern might be the biggest bargain in the joint at $150- probably isn't very vintage, but looks good enough for us (especially with the judicious use of some black lacquer spray paint on the "patina" bits).

maison21 is kicking himself for not picking up this well-priced pair of 1970's chapman brass white ceramic ram's head lamps.
the same vendor had this chic michael taylor coffee table,

as well as this chic 70's mazzega glass chandelier, which maison21 DID snatch up, and is now hanging in a client's hall vestibule, soon to be surrounded by cavern's "blackbird" wallpaper.

this pair of blanc de chine quan yin busts would be the chicest bookends.

lots of vendors had under-the-sea goodness, both real,

and fake.

last image- and you either get maison21 on this one, or you think he's nutz- we loved, this crazily over-scale felix agostini-meets-zsa zsa gabor wall sconce. once again, we had no conceivable use for it, so we had to leave it behind, but m21 sure loved it's chic, yet near grotesque, one-of-a-kind goodness.

so y'all get on out to the wertz brothers antique mall, y'hear?
1607 Lincoln Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA
(310) 452-1800
Mon - Sat: 10 to 6 • Sun: 12 - 6
All major credit cards accepted
Complimentary Valet Parking


erika - urban grace said...

ohhh the rams head lamps! i'd go back for those!!!

Anonymous said...

Some clock!!!! The starburst is exceptional and I too would put in a mirror. The heat hit 107 in Pasadena this wkend as I trudged through the antique malls looking for treasure. I found some great stuff....thick framed Italian mirror, two bowls, and a plein air painting done by an 89yr old artist. I would love to get out to Santa Monica when I can muster the traffic...I love to "shop" with you on line, you have the greatest sources! Always a morning treat. Ginny

Anonymous said...

"Goodness" as a noun is officially overused.

maison21 said...

erika- i know- i'm kicking myself. i just kept thinking "if i buy these, then z gallerie will have a knockoff on the market any day". silly- i really just should have bought them. they'll always be nicer than a modern knock off.

ginny- the starburst was truly exceptional, but at $1800.00, i couldn't justify it.

what's your favorite antique mall out in pasadena? i still haven't got to the place you recommended in claremont yet, but it's on my to-do list!

maison21 said...

anon- thanks for the official notice on the overuse of "goodness" as a noun- what would i do without you?

now, out of curiosity, was "goodness" overused before my post, or did maison21 personally put it over-the-top?

Anonymous said...

Pasadena Antique Center...but....just certain spaces. My favorites are J. Mark Morale and Theodora. French, lots of 30s 40s and 50s Regency. Both are nice to work with and willing to drop prices. Also, just south is T.L Gurley Antiques...a fabulous spot. I've been mulling on a great portrait(kinda Emelia Earhart"ish).

Thanks for asking. Pasadena is a great place to be! Always enjoy your wit and wisdom...Ginny

Suzy said...

Well, aren't you just the source of all goodness. Oops! There goes that word again...sorry anon!

Pigtown-Design said...

Oh my goodness! How pretty!

katiedid said...

This mall really has the most goodness I think I've seen in one place in a very long time!

girl meets glamour said...

Wow, thanks for sharing! I'm going to have to make it out there...oh and those ram head lights were fab!!


Anonymous said...

GOODNESS Gracious! I cannot get over all of these finds! Seriously, those Rams-Head lamps are to die for...and my last thought just has to be "oh my GOODNESS!" Honestly, who the heck cares about "overusing" goodness as a noun...seriously...

Anonymous said...

For great deals in Pasadena, check out Conya's Cottage at 1403 N. Lake Avenue, just north of Washington...unbelievable deals especially if you solid vintage furniture and unique