08 June 2008

go for it! (lantern love)

this is a shout out to maison21's design blogging friend, things that inspire, who today posted a great post on lanterns.

m21 doesn't have your email but he knows you stop by frequently, so he wanted to tell you- in both word and image- to:

go for it!
the maison21 atelier, spring '07

hang that lantern over your breakfast table! the bigger the better!




Things That Inspire said...

That is magnificent!!!!! I am particularly enamored with the Vaughan lanterns at the moment. I actually have a painted iron chandelier over the breakfast table...the former owner tried to exclude it from the sale, and I put my foot down and said no, needs to come with the house. I was thinking about moving the one currently in my kitchen to my adjacent family room, and getting a lantern for the kitchen. Then, we adopted a puppy, and I decided that the ceiling fan in the family room NEEDED to stay to help diffuse eau de doggy smell.

Well, maybe my next house. I am determined to move within the next two years. I have too many ideas and projects that I am holding off on because I do not want to invest in this house!

I think my e-mail is on my - pretty easy!!!! Thanks for thinking of me. Thanks for reading my blog too....I am an infrequent poster these days!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that room ! Where did you get those chairs? I'm sure there is a story there! Did you hear voices?

Erin said...

look at that thing-- not only would it fill my entire dining room, but I could probably live in it! still, i might do it because it is so fabulous.

maison21 said...


vaughn and charles edwards lanterns are completely amazing- i wish i could afford to buy from them for ME, not just for clients. the big lantern is the picture is by a local company, lantern masters, who do amazing custom work. the firm i used to work for spec'd them for a multi-gazillion dollar residential project, so when i found that one at a local auction, i snapped it up 'cause i knew what it cost originally!


the story with those chairs is they they desperately need to be restored- if you saw them in person, you think i was crazy to put such beat up junk in my home. still, they have great lines, and photograph real purty.

erin- believe me, the lantern practically filled my tiny dining room ( 11' x 11'), and the lantern was 3 feet high! i was scared of the size at first, but i sold my previous chandelier, and didn't have anything fab to replace it with at the moment, so i thought- what the heck! and it worked...

the lantern has now been replaced by a ginormous shiny brass chandelier. sometimes big scale in a small room is the answer!

Anonymous said...

abso - f**g - lutely I've never regretted big scale - but always regret "bitty" stuff. I take a pic and rethink before I commit. Usually. If I get around to it.

Jessica @ The Love List said...

Fear not the ginormous lantern!! As a side note, I'd be eternally grateful if you'd stop by my blog - I'm soliciting design help and I would love love love your two cents :)

maison21 said...

i'm with you anon- go big! lots of little stuff in a small space can seem cluttered, and a little "grandma". whereas a couple of big pieces- particularly accessories, really work. i'm always after clients to buy big accessories, and sometimes it can be a challenge, as a big accessory can cost big bucks, so it's understandable when there is hesitation.


stopped by and gave the best advice i could without seeing where the table would go!

cute lil table, though!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Love it. I have a huge lantern in my front hall. Ridiculously large. If you are over 6 ft. you have to walk around it. I adore it.

katiedid said...

I can't get enough of your style! This room is wonderful. You have given me new inspration to find a light fixture for my own dining room. I never had thought of a lantern,don't know why.... but I LOVE this!

Cote de Texas said...

Love this room!!!!!!!! - my favorite lanterns are French antiques ones that were made for the outside.. j'adore!

You have the best taste, mister!!!!


girl meets glamour said...

I love this idea and this exactly what I'd like to do with my dining room!!


maison21 said...

awww, thanks everybody!

Style Court said...

loving the overscaled lantern!