17 June 2008

art furniture (dreamy & smart)

not much time to post this week, so maison21 is going to have to cheat a bit and pull images from a recent magazine article- he figures that since 98% of the design blog community seems to be women, so y'all might not have seen the below pics in the current issue of men's vogue. m21 supposes that maybe some of you girls might have glimpsed them, as the issue had dr. mcdreamy on the cover and for some unknown reason, dr. mcdreamy seems to be popular with the ladeeez. well, maybe that should be two unknown reasons- the hair and the eyes (or is that three unknown reasons?). oh, alright, already, maison21 knows perfectly well why mcdreamy is popular with the ladeeez but he swears he didn't buy the issue just because of the cover (now if it was mcsteamy on the cover, that would be a whole different story- m21 would admit to buying a magazine with him on the cover, because that sh*t is fine).

anyway, besides the eye candy cover, the art and design section of men's vogue featured these fabulous, limited edition art furniture pieces designed by architecture/design firm, aranda/lasch, exhibited at the johnson trading gallery in nyc. the pieces were inspired by "quasicrystal geometries"- whatever the heck that means- and though the underlying scientific principles may make maison21's oh-so-unscientific head hurt, the results make m21's oh-so-sensitive eyes very happy. the quasi table is "made of 3,700 individual blocks of solid walnut cut in only two different shapes but assembled in a complex pattern"- m21 would trade both mcdreamy and mcsteamy, for one of the limited edition of 6 tables (m21 will always prefer pretty furniture to pretty men- maybe that explains why we're eternally single, yet have 4 credenzas and 8 chandeliers out in our garage).

read all about about the smart & hip people behind the pretty furniture here in men's vogue, and let us know what you think (about the art, or mcdreamy or mcsteamy, or whatever)!


Billy D said...

1st time...commentor here.

Totally agree on the Eric Dane vs. Patrick Dempsey deal (I refuse to call them Mc anything because I'm a condescending jerk).

The first table, in wood, is a beaut, but wouldn't it be a bitch to clean? How do you serve dinner on that thing? A table cloth just wouldn't work, and yet, the surface seems quite uneven in parts. Maybe as a sort of library table/desk? A little too wide to be a credenza, no?

Absolutely adore your blog, maison...keep up the good work! And thanks for clueing me in to 1stdibs!

Pigtown-Design said...

Check out articles by Ned Martel, one of the editors. He's an old family friend and always writes really interesting articles.

maison21 said...

billy d- thanks for your first time comment! and your kind words!

as for that table- i agree it's pretty but not exactly practical. the edges on those cubes look pretty darn sharp, like it might disembowel you has you pulled up a chair to enjoy your dinner. another dinner party ruined by a trip to the emergency room!

meg- i will look for ned's features in men's vogue. in an effort to become less decor-centric, i've decided to subscribe to a few magazines that AREN'T decorating magazines (subscribe to virtually everyone of those). baby-steps though- we're going to stick to magazines with lots of pretty pictures until we feel we can handle something with a little more print...

Suzy said...

he he he, you crack me up. I think I'd probably take pretty furniture of McDreamy too (even though I've had a crush on him since he was in "Cant buy me love" - waaaaay back when)!

muralimanohar said...

All I can think of is the damage my shins would take if myself, Ms. Clutz -to-the-Extreme, were to come within smelling distance. Oh, the pain.

McDreamy or McSteamy, neither of them do it for me. But then I am known for my odd taste in guys..dh has serious doubts about his looks after seeing the guys I *do* fancy. :lol: