04 August 2008

the decorator and the bachelorette (project preview backstory)

oh god- not m21's sofa again! doesn't he have anything better to do than take pictures of the pillows on his g-- d---- sofa?well, in this case, the pillows aren't even m21's own- he took them out of their wrappings just for the photo- they are actually part of our project tchotchkefication process (you might recognize them from our post on the trina turk residential store way back in may. m21 fell in love with them, and so did his client).
close-up of the print- how cheery and colorful is this?

which brings us to the actual subject of today's post- m21 has been posting quite a bit on this particular client & project as it is one of those fantastic, fun, and easy-breezy projects- the kind of project that makes m21 love his job even more than he already does! so here's a bit of the project backstory:

the pillows will sit on this custom updated chesterfield white sofa

maison21 met his client a while back when she bought some great vintage furniture pieces from him- she loves a good vintage score, almost as much as m21 (btw, from now on we''l refer to our client as "the bachelorette", in reference to habitually chic's current "bachelor pad" project). the bachelorette purchased the pieces as she was in the process of redecorating her home, turning it into something more in line with her status as a major figure in the l.a. fashion industry- i.e. a home as stylish and chic as she is!

the updated chesterfield sofa under construction in the workroom.

the bachelorette soon realized that her redecorating project was taking too much time away from her family (she is the mother of two great kids), as well as her business, and being the savvy business women that she is, decided that her bottom line would be better served by calling in a professional, so re-enter maison21.

m21 initially suggested he just do one room to see how they got on together, but by the end of their first meeting it was clear that the two of us just clicked, both in personality and in decor sensibility. as the project has proceeded, in addition to creating a beautiful home for the bachelorette and her boys, we've also become good friends- all working relationships should be so fun!

rear view of the chesterfield frame- maison21 specifically choose this style of sofa because of the tufted roll arm/back detail. the sofa's actual placement in the room is such that unless you are sitting on it, it will mostly be viewed from the back or side, so we had to keep those views visually interesting. a plain box of a sofa never would have served.

the bachelorette's decor requirements were simple: she wanted a family and pet friendly home, somewhere where the kids could have friends over, and the dog could jump up on sofa, without worrying that a gazillion dollars worth of velvet mohair would be ruined by spilled fruit juice (or claws). life is too short for that kind of worry! so things needed to kept practical, comfortable, and multi-functional, but without sacrificing an ounce of style or chic.

other than that, m21 had just two dictates to constrain him- one, that we reuse the bachelorette's favorite sunburst mirror, and two, we use some insanely great wallpaper. done and done. see why this is a dream project?

one of the insanely great wallcoverings we've used- a gorgeous sapphire blue grasscloth in the bachelorette's dining room (and a sneak peek of things to come).

together, the bachelorette and the decorator have rocked her house out, and maison21 is awfully excited about our first room installation, happening next week. soon, we'll have some finished product to show you, and you can see how all the bits and pieces fit together!


pve design said...

White leather and two small ones? Hmm, Does the sofa come with wipes or will it be covered in clear plastic?
I do love it and am envious of that sofa and the pillows. Do show us more. P-lease!

Pigtown-Design said...

I am sure it will be BRILLIANT!!!

MaryBeth said...

Sweet Baby Jesus, I love that blue wallpaper in the dining room. I absolutely can't wait to see the rest of this house. xo MB

maison21 said...

pve- you aren't so far off about the sofa being covered in clear plastic- instead of leather, we went with "pleather". and yes, i've already purchased vinyl cleaner.

as for being concerned about the two small ones, they were my number one concern when deciding to use inexpensive vinyl as a covering rather than $$$ leather- and by "two small ones" i mean the dog and the cat! the kids are old enough to be a little more responsible!

meg- i hope i justify your faith!

marybeth- that grasscloth is a happy decorating accident- just days after signing on to the job, i was driving home and passed a "gong out of business" sign at a home furnishings store, where i purchased the paper for a song- exactly what i had envisioned and so inexpensive that it was practically free!

Patricia Gray said...

Congratulations on the dream client and project. I love it when that happens. BTW Love the blue grasscloth!!!!!

Jessica @ The Love List said...

I love that pillow - is it made from a Trina Turk print? It certainly looks that way. Did I say I love it? I love it.

Habitually Chic said...

Ha! It's like a designer duel now! Bachelor vs. Bachelorette! Just kidding! Can't wait to see more! We're having a lull at the Bachelor Pad at the moment since he can't make up his mind about the beautiful consoles and chairs I've shown him. Hopefully, I can light a fire under him tonight.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see more!!

Cote de Texas said...

pleather! I love to use that!!!! my friends four rental condos were destroyed in Dollie at SPadre Island and just tonight we were discussing using white pleather!!!

love the sofa, the paper, everything - and the TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can't wait!!!!!!!!!! Did you tell Patricia about THE table? email her - she'll be crazy with envy. :)

maison21 said...

thanks patricia- i really have been lucky with this one- nary a speed bump to the whole process (and i guess i should knock on wood as i say that- we ain't done yet!)

jessica- it is indeed made from a trina turk print- her home line is adorable!

chic- we're the designer version of the west coast/east coast rap wars! don't make me send my homies after you! love it!

thanks anon- you'll get your chance to see more -hopefully very soon!

Suzy said...

I love that wallpaper! And the chandelier is just amazing! Can't wait to see more...

maison21 said...


so sorry to hear about your friend's loss from hurricane dolly, but glad she is already discussing the enjoyable part of rebuilding, i.e. redecorating!

i love a white sofa, but am not so enamored of slipcovers (only a fan when they are super-tailored), so i think pleather is a great option, especially for rentals or kids/pet siuations. i used it the first time about a decade ago for sofa at a friend's weekend property, and it's still going strong! maybe not as brilliantly white as when new, but still looks pretty good!


glad you like! shhhh- this is just our secret, ok? but chandelier was totally inexpensive- we just dressed it up with glam shades. remember- just between us!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Wow! Can't wait for the reveal. I love grasscloth. But who'd thunk of blue? Magic is being made.

After years of joking about the number of naugas killed to make something, Mrs. E. and I ran into a perfect, small, brown, naugahyde office sized couch at a vintage place. It's in the bar, and it never fails to receive a positive comment. Good lines are the key... Having said that, it has a small crack/tear developing in the seat. So far, my leather furniture, although fading (nicely) has withstood the assault of two children and a dog.... So far.

Emily said...

I can't wait to see the final results- please post! The grasscloth looks amazing against the white really stands out. Congrats on getting your dream client!

Mrs. Blandings said...

You're such a tease! Can't wait - the preview looks amazing. No surprise.

Visual Vamp said...

What a great project! I'm having my old camel back sofa recovered in white faux leather right now. I think it will be easy to clean - just wipe it off. My small one is the doggie, and my big one is the hubs LOL

katiedid said...

I love that dining you know! I can't wait to see the whole project. What a great plan for the sofa. And your pillows! LOVE!

maison21 said...


glad you found a nauga upholstered sofa you like. i agree whole heartedly, though- leather ages in way nauga never can. BUT white leather, doesn't age so hot, and hopefully by the time the pleather is worn out on this sofa, the kids will be grown and the dog etter behaved, and we'll recover in REAL leather.

thanks, emily- i'm in love with that crasscloth myself- my only regret is that i didn't buy enough to cover a room in my own home before the store closed!

mrs. b- after all this teasing, i better produce something worth the build-up! (but- he says without a trace of modesty- i think i already did- we had a mini, one room installation on monday and tuesday, and i'm very, very happy with the results!).

vamp- the pleather IS easy to clean- just wipe off. over time, some of the newness wears off a bit, but it should remain looking good probably longer than you want to keep it on the sofa!

Alkemie said...

Christian, oh WOWWW. Totally dying to see more photos to come. I LOVEEE Chesterfield's sofa and your illustration of the finished product looks amazing! White leather is a great choice! You can just wipe it off :) I love pleather myself and recently used it to reupholster a couple of caned chairs. Adore the seagrass wallpaper.

Karen :)

Style Court said...

Love the pillows Christian! Can't wait to see them on your client's sofa. Keep up the good work.

Kat Brennan said...

I love your style, especially the pillows! I would love to have my home decorated in a style like this. I'm really glad I came across this blog. My husband and I are moving into a new apartment and so we need to decorate it ASAP.
Kat Brennan |