02 August 2008

poolside hospitality

featured in today's new saturday home section of the los angeles times was this cool, almost 4 foot high, outdoor (synthetic) wicker hamper. maison21 thought it was pretty chic for the dirty towels that accumulate by the pool on a hot summer's day, but you know him- he can't leave well enough alone- so he'd probably have it sprayed white or black to up the chic factor just a bit. still, used as-is, it's still a bargain on-sale at frontegate for $195.00.

ps- we LIKE having the home section in the saturday paper- it was such a dull read before- so thanks LAT!


Anonymous said...

My two cents: White glossy paint. It has a great shape and love that you know the universal hospitality icon. Ginny Got some swell stuff at Ivy in Claremont today...just sharing.

columnist said...

Four foot high is big, even for a laundry basket. But I think its existing colours are rather nice, (and authentic). But a nice idea from a fruit that means "welcome"; (And make of that what you will!!)