29 October 2008

bath renovation preview

we recently briefly touched on a bathroom renovation project we are currently working on, so we thought we'd give you a bit a sneak peek at the room in progress.

the idea was to take a bathroom so tiny and depressing, that no one in the family actually wanted to use it, and turn it into a little jewel box of a bath- something people will actually want to be in (a variation on "if you build it, they will come", in this case- "if you make it pretty, they will use it").

we are going from this (taken the first day of construction):
to something looking a little more like this (m21 concept elevation drawing):

as stated, bath is teeny-tiny, so the challenge of working with such tight space was actually turned into a virtue. since wall and floorspace are so limited, we could splurge on materials- in this case white carrara 1" x 2" tiles for the walls and 2" x 2" carrara hexes for the floors, all capped by a sexy carrara molding. in a bigger room, this could have been cost prohibitive, but here, it totally works within our budget.

same concept on the fixtures- since we eliminated the too small to be used tub, and turned the space into shower only- we could take the money saved on buying a new tub (and faucet, etc.), and buy slightly more glamorous fixtures than the total budget would normally allow.

if budget was not an issue, we'd probably purchase everything from urban archeology, as they do the particular look we are going for better than anyone else, or we could also happily go with the glamor of waterworks (how we love BOTH of them), but we managed to get the look we wanted by selecting more reasonably priced fixtures from restoration hardware, and ended up saving quite a bit. restoration has been having fabulous online weekend sales lately, and we got everything for 20% off (and the weekend after that sale, they offered $100 off any purchase greater than $400.00, so it pays to check the website before buying). they also are offering no interest-no payments for one year, on purchases greater than $750.00, so buying selections from their "dillion collection" was a no brainier- the collection has the 20-30's vibe we want to reflect the architecture of the home, but the prices were easy on the pocketbook:

we also went with restoration's sutton grand sconce- a terrific value right now, on sale for $199.00!
bath should actually be finished fairly quickly, so we'll post the results in a week or two, and you can decide if the finished room lives up to the concept! we're pretty sure it will- we are quite excited about it!


Alkemie said...

Wow! Looks like it's going to be a georgous bathroom!! You must show us the final outcome! I had to smile at your statement of "If you make it pretty, they will use it!" I rather agree with that. And your mom sounds like a very fashionable lady to favor a garment like the Cheongsam.



Ivy Lane said...

I have no doubt it's gonna be a great reveal when all done! I LOVE carrera marble..We have the builder's standard shower insert w/ the seats in our master bath.. HATE it.. would LOVE the carrera transformation with a rain shower head, clear glass doors...oooo, la, la!

Can't wait to see the finish product! :)

Cote de Texas said...

Stunning!! Can't wait to see the finished project. Hope you are feeling better!!!!

Suzy said...

Can't wait to see the pics. I'm secretly a big fan of Restoration Hardware, and I'd love them even more if they had a store here...all those good prices don't count for much when you have to pay to ship it here.

maison21 said...

thanks karen! my former boos would always tell me that about my portion of any project we were working one- "just make it pretty" was his mantra, and now it's mine, too...

ivy- thanks for your vote of confidence! i love those clear glass doors as well, really sexes up a shower. i sure wish i could afford to put them in my own place, just like you!

joni- i'm honored! and yes, we a on the road to recovery!

suzy- restoration really is a great resource- if you ever want to buy something that fits in a global express mail box, lemme know- i'll ship it to you!

The House of Beauty and Culture said...

This is going to be stunning.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Fantastic. Truly. I'm envious of a small space!

I revile the fixtures in our own master bath. They are so insipid that I choose to overlook them daily.

Kelli said...

I can't wait to see what it looks like all finished! I love the materials and am browsing for ideas and inspiration as we are getting ready to gut our one and only tiny bathroom back to the studs. Thanks for the great ideas!

maison21 said...

thank you, hboac- i'm really pleased with the concept so far, and i can't wait to see the results. even if it falls short of what i've envisioned, it will be a HUGE improvement over what was there before (i'm holding back the picture of what it looked like before with tiles, and plastic shower surround for dramatic effect at the reveal.

easy, if you saw the disgusting colored tiles in my bath, you'd feel much better about your own- i too just pretend they aren't there in order to keep my sanity. someday though, i'll have gorgeous white marble tiles of my very own!


a couple other tricks i used in this tiny bath: we choose to make the entire bath floor water proof, that way the plane of the floor can continue without interruption into shower, and we can use a partial glass wall- as there is NO room for a door to swing open anyway.

also, i chose the metal sink stand because we wanted to preserve an open feeling, without a boxy cabinet taking up visual space. the stretchers can also serve as towel racks (again, no place for the real thing). the wash stand we picked also has a glass shelf underneath for a bit of storage, and we ended up going with a white porcelain console sink up top, instead of a marble counter with a drop-in sink because it was more compact and much more cost effective. perhaps not as pretty as a marble counter, but far more practical, really.

Mrs. Blandings said...

M - I can't wait to see it - it is going to be gorgeous and so appropriate. I have used RH and agree the quality is quite good. Besides, once they are in, no one will notice them but you. :)

vicki archer said...

Great plan for a small bathroom and one I will definitely follow when I come to renovate my flat.
Nothing like 'making a jewel box' out of a small space.

Suzy said...

Thanks Christian, I might need to take you up on that offer one day!

Oh, and I 2nd HOBAC, I will be stunning when it's done. Definitely my kinda bathroom!

Brilliant Asylum said...

It is going to be fantastic. The marble tiles are so chic.

Kelli said...

Thank you for the extra info Maison21!
Maybe I should send you a before and after, once the project is complete.
Happy Halloween!

maison21 said...

i'd love to see them, kelli!

Pigtown-Design said...

did you see the tiny tiles in the shots of my childhood home? now that's a bathroom!

katiedid said...

Loverly!! I hope we get to see the final final.