24 October 2008

the domino effect

maison21 spent the morning shopping for bathroom tiles for a client's bath remodel and returned to find a fed-ex box waiting on his doorstep. could it possibly be the 3 yards of fabric we just ordered two days ago, because although his upholsterer clearly specified 14 yards, absent-minded m21 only ordered 11?

nope- even better! it was a care package shipped to him by his good friend, habitually chic, to wish him well on an upcoming medical procedure (no, not a face lift- not yet, anyway- m21 is having a cervical epidural for his back problems. i know my female readers are thinking "big deal, i had an epidural when i had little jackson", but please remember, m21 is a mere boy, and thus far more squeamish about this kind of thing than girls. when it comes to pain, women are most definitely the stronger sex!).
anyway, the chic care package was full of domino love- a copy of the latest issue of domino magazine, a copy of "the domino book of decorating" (yay!- you'll remember we were bummed we didn't score one at the kelly wearstler/domino party), and perhaps our favorite bit of domino love- a domino match box, featuring the cover art from the book! they didn't have those at the west coast party, so it's the kind of thoughtful, one of a kind, memento this decorator loves!
added bonus- the birdie on the chinioserie match box and book cover, echoes the pair of brass pheasants already on maison21's coffee table, so book and box will have a place of honor on his table for sometime to come!

thanks, chic- the domino effect is already working!

10 comments: said...

I'm jealous-I haven't gotten mine yet!

Cote de Texas said...

Hi - you are still hurting?!! I'm sure the epidural will relieve you - good luck! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Swank Lighting said...

Maison you are going to be so happy that you had this proceedure. My Mother had one two weeks ago and we are today in Tunica Mississippi (gambling of course) and I have a hard time keeping up with her at the Casino. My dad said "Carolyn you don't walk like John Wayne anymore". She is so happy that she is not in pain. Good Luck to you.

Ivy Lane said...

What a wonderful surprise to come home to! I really must get myself to the book store and pick up a copy of the book...I hope your medical procedure is not too dreadful and that it helps relieve or get rid of the pain you have.

Have a Great Weekend! :)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Maison! you poor thing - a cervical epidural - ayah!! Have you blown a disc? I hope you're ok.

I must say to Habitually chic is one CUTE girl - what a darling :-)

AND I know I haven't been over for AGES - but - nice to see you and Mona in persona on the right there - what a handsome duo :-)



Visual Vamp said...

Aw M, you are a dashing dandy, a mere fresh faced lad!
Great goodies come to the good!
xo xo xo

maison21 said...

rachel- don't be jealous- i haven't read my copy yet- i['m saving it until next week- we'll compare notes, ok?

joni- still hurting a bit, but lots better (or i wouldn't be back to blogging yet) thank you so much for your concern- it is appreciated!

ed- god bless you! i wasn't going to mention the procedure but decided t,o in hopes of eliciting a comment or two from someone who has gone thru it successfully, so i appreciate telling me about your mom!

ivy- thank you so much for your well-wishes!

felicity- so glad you stopped by- i've been thinking of you, and wondering where you disappeared to. even wrote to the insprired room, who put me at ease with news that you were well, just stopped the whole blogging thing. you've been missed!

vamp, thank you, thank you!

Topsy Turvy said...

Good luck! I hope you are back to normal soon and blogging full speed.


katiedid said...

Ouch! But I bet it will do wonders. I hope you are better soon! Sending you lots of good wishes. And what a nice little care package to come home to!

Alkemie said...

That is such a sweet care package! The book is fabulous. I love it. I hope you feel better after the procedure and a speedy recovery.