05 October 2008

h for hannah bone china

h for hannah "stickers" plate

local los angeles ceramicist , hannah morrow, recently brought her line of fine bone china to maison21's attention, and while her debut "stickers" collection has garnered a bit of press attention, and her new "jewelery" collection is bound to as well, it was the simple, sculptural shapes of the underlying bone china that grabbed m21's attention, so he was pleased to see it offered on her website in plain white as well, as the "hedy" collection.
h for hannah "hedy" bowl

maison21's personal taste runs to plain, white china, and the casual, yet refined and elegant shapes offered by the "hedy" collection would fit in great with his own stock of vintage and modern white china (that's one of the great things about sticking to plain white- different pieces from different collections and vintages can all be mixed seamlessly to form an unified and exciting table setting, whether serving for 4 or 40!).
h for hannah "hedy" cup

here's what hannah has to say about her collection, designed here in los angeles, and hand made in the UK:

"I have been in LA for about 5 years (love it here) and started the line about a year ago. While I was studying ceramics in the UK I really fell in love with bone china and although most of the factories have gone under, there are still a few that produce amazing work. To me, England is really the home of bone china and I love that link back to the old country plus their amazing craftsmanship. All the pieces are hand cast and hand finished rather than mass produced which really adds to their personality."

maison21 thinks you should go visit her "h for hannah" website today!

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