01 October 2008

some pinkness for patricia

patricia shackelford, of the delightful (and superbly well-written) blog, mrs. blandings, recently sent out an email requesting that her fellow bloggers "post pink" on october 1st for breast cancer awareness. maison21, lazy-ass blogger though he is, couldn't ignore the call to arms from his blogging buddy, patricia, and though he personally probably doesn't need to worry about breast cancer (you know, being a boy and all), that doesn't mean breast cancer hasn't touched his life: he's seen close friends go through the surgery, and the chemo, and all that hideous and painful, debilitating stuff, and no one should ever have to go through that kind of thing- ever.

but much as maison21 wants to support his sisters, what to write that hasn't been said? how can maison21 take his silly 'lil blog, and turn it serious?

the answer is, he can't.

but what he can do is turn breast cancer awareness into something that he can relate to, something every design devotee can relate to, male or female. something like, oh, um, lets say- shopping! yeah, that's the ticket! and more specifically, how about shopping at m21's favorite 'lil money pit: le tarjay! god- what an insanely great idea- we're helping the economy and curing cancer too! two birds, one stone!

so we make the following solemn vow: in honor of breast cancer awareness month (and mrs. b), maison21 will make the ultimate sacrifice and drag his lazy butt to target today, to purchase at least one pink breast cancer awareness product! ooooh, that maison21- such a giver, he is...

and furthermore, maison21 is challenging each and every one of his half-dozen readers to do the same: go to target today (or really soon) and buy at least one pink product! don't let them go to clearance markdown- it's for a good cause, and you know you have to go to target soon, anyway!

you could get something inexpensive and practical, like these pink post-it notes:

or the slightly lesbian chic of a pink pocket knife:

or brighten up your refrigerator with a pink brita pitcher:

the pink mixer is very cool, but completely useless in m21's wasteland of a kitchen:

or should maison21 just get what he really wants (and has been coveting) anyway? a pink dyson hand-held vacuum? yeah, we think we're butch enough to rock a barbie pink vacuum while cleaning out the truck. what sacrifices we make...

so what pinkness will you be buying today? come on, let's shop for a cure!


Mrs. Blandings said...

Perfection! I adore it. I thought we might be seeing the mermaid table. :) Thanks so much.

Ivy Lane said...

I think I'll head to the flower shop and buy some PINK roses today in honor of yours and Mrs. Blandings posts and breast cancer awareness! Think I'll add a touch of pink to my blog today as well!

Thanks for the reminder!

The Peak of Chic said...

Good job M21! I bought some contact lens solution yesterday that included a breast cancer awareness pink lens container- very cute!

Maya said...

And I by coincidence have a post about some seriously pink bath salt and shell soap.

katiedid said...

Great pink post. Tarjay is my second home. Who can't use a post it anyways?

inner_child said...

Thanks for the reminder! I am posting pink!

maison21 said...

patricia- glad you approve. and you must know me better than you think, 'cuz the mermaid table DID cross my mind ;-)

thanks for inviting me along-


ivy, maya and inner child- good on you! the more posts the better!

peak and katie- i actually really LOVE special promotion products like target's pink line- i mean it's stuff we are going to buy anyway, so why not do a little good, too?

see you in the housewares aisle at le tarjay!

please sir said...

Lovely words and support - great post.

Lauren said...

Ooo a pink Brita sounds perfect, ours is falling apart!

Cute pic :)

SGM said...

Get the pink Barbie Dyson, m21! Or at least get it for me.

Anonymous said...

Here is another thought. I just went to and registered to take part in research for a cure for breast cancer. Dr. Love was just on national news and convinced me to take part. I have heard of this amazing women's research before and after hearing her I do believe there will be a cure in our lifetime. It will take people being less apathetic though. Come on sisters get involved! And, yah know I love ya M21, but breast cancer isn't exclusive to women! Men have been afflicted too.

muralimanohar said...

Been such a huge week, I totally missed this! Darn. Would have given me an excuse to use one of my pink pics. Since, in general, I don't do pink.

And Carol is have breast tissue, too....breast cancer is NOT a gender specific disease!